When to Have a Baby Shower (Baby Shower Guide)

Celebrating the arrival of a new baby is always a joyous occasion, but deciding when to have a baby shower can be a bit tricky. Whether you’re organizing your own shower or planning it for someone else, the timing depends on a few factors. Some parents like to celebrate early to focus on other things as the due date approaches, while others prefer to wait until closer to the due date or even after the baby is born.

This guide will help you navigate the considerations for your baby shower timeline and provide useful tips for planning the event. It also includes beautiful baby shower invitations to announce the upcoming celebration.

Choosing the Right Time for Your Baby Shower

Deciding when to have a baby shower depends on your needs, the preferences of the parents-to-be, and the requirements of the guest list. As a general guideline, baby showers are often held at the end of the second trimester or early to midway through the third trimester, roughly four to six weeks before the due date.

If the expectant parents are having multiples, they might opt for an earlier baby shower. This is because pregnancies with multiples often involve bed rest as the due date approaches, and an earlier celebration allows for flexibility in case the babies arrive earlier than expected. For those expecting twins, we also have a list of twin baby shower ideas to explore.

Hosting a baby shower earlier gives the parents ample time to unpack and organize the gifts, as well as send out thank-you notes, without feeling rushed right before the new baby arrives.

Considerations for the Timing

It’s essential to be mindful of the baby’s due date in relation to holidays or other events. Check with key guests, including close family members and friends, to find a date that works for everyone. In some cultures, it’s considered bad luck to receive baby gifts before the baby is born, so in such cases, planning the baby shower after the baby’s arrival is more appropriate.

Ultimately, the ideal time for a baby shower is a personal choice influenced by various factors. This guide aims to help you make informed decisions and create a memorable celebration for the parents-to-be.

Choosing the Right Baby Shower Style and Timing

Deciding when to have a baby shower depends on the type of celebration you’re planning. Virtual baby showers offer flexibility without travel constraints, but they come with unique considerations compared to in-person gatherings. Baby showers can focus solely on the mother-to-be or celebrate the couple together.

Here’s a brief overview of various baby shower styles:

  1. Traditional: Hosted for the expectant mother, usually organized by a close friend or family member.
  2. Couple’s Shower: Celebrates both parents, often with co-ed invitations.
  3. Gender Reveal: Hosted by the parents, revealing the baby’s gender, sometimes held separately from the main baby shower.
  4. Sip and See: A laid-back gathering where loved ones meet the new baby for the first time.
  5. Baby Sprinkle: A more low-key event for parents expecting a second or third child.
  6. Adoption Shower: Honors the adoption of a child, can be held before or after the baby arrives.
  7. Virtual Baby Shower: Conducted online using platforms like FaceTime, Zoom, or social media, requiring less planning and suitable for last-minute gatherings.

The timing of your baby shower is also essential. Traditional afternoon events are popular, but virtual showers might be better scheduled later in the day, especially on weekdays when participants are likely to be home from work.

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