Top 15 First Apartment Tips You Should Know

Moving into your first apartment is an exciting step, and these tips will make the process much smoother. Whether you’re already in the midst of the move or just considering it, congratulations on reaching this milestone! Having your own place is a special experience, so it’s crucial to stay organized and use some helpful moving hacks before settling into your new home.

With various aspects to consider, there’s no need to stress. By reading this, you’re already ahead of the game, whether you’re moving into a loft or a studio apartment. It’s a good idea to keep essential information in mind so that you know exactly what steps to take before bringing in all your belongings.

Here are some key tips to remember as you embark on this journey into your first-ever apartment. These tips cover different areas, such as managing your finances, ensuring a clean move-in, and making plans for the future.

Ready to begin? Continue reading for practical tips on moving into your apartment:

15 Useful Tips for Moving Into Your First Apartment

Get ready for the apartment journey with these 15 practical tips and tricks:

Establish a budget

Determine your monthly budget for rent, groceries, utilities, and other necessities. Maintain this budget diligently, whether it’s through a spreadsheet or a simple note on your phone. By doing so, you’ll avoid overspending and steer clear of financial stress.

Measure your furniture

Break out the tape measure and ensure that your existing furniture or potential purchases can fit comfortably in your new space. Avoid the stress of moving day by making sure your furniture, especially large items like a couch, can smoothly navigate through doorways and hallways.

Start with the essentials

While it’s tempting to splurge on stylish decor, focus on acquiring the fundamental furniture first. A bed, couch, table, chairs, refrigerator, and stove should be your initial priorities. Building around these basics makes decorating more manageable and enjoyable, allowing you to add personal touches later on.

Update Your Address

Don’t assume you can casually swing by your parents’ place to collect your mail. Adulting requires a bit more responsibility! Make sure to update your address with the bank, post office, credit card companies, and any other places that regularly send you mail. This way, you won’t risk missing any crucial letters or bills.

Get Cleaning Supplies

If this is your first-ever apartment, chances are you don’t have cleaning supplies on hand. For cleaning products, consider investing in essentials like a quality all-purpose spray (like Mrs. Meyer’s, available on Amazon), a kitchen cleaner, a bathroom cleaner, and an air freshener. As for tools, sponges, dusters, and microfiber cloths (I personally love Spontex’s, available on Amazon in a cute pack of three) should cover your cleaning needs.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Unfortunately, there’s no cleaning fairy to magically tidy up your messes. You’ve got to take charge! To stay on top of cleaning, create and follow an apartment cleaning checklist. This not only prevents dirt from piling up but also avoids the stress of tackling all your cleaning tasks in one overwhelming session.

Set Up Utilities

Check if your utilities are included in your apartment or not. If they aren’t, get them set up as soon as possible. Ensure electricity, gas, water, and cable are all arranged before moving in. Picture your first evening in a cozy, well-lit space, watching TV without shivering in the cold. Sounds much better than scrambling to set up utilities on the spot.

Clean Before Moving In

Want a truly fresh start in your first-ever apartment? Give it a thorough clean before moving in (just so you know, here’s our guide on how to do that). This step allows you to eliminate any germs and dust left behind by previous tenants.

It’s also a chance to reach areas that might be less accessible once all your belongings are in, such as cupboard shelves. Start your new chapter with a sparkling clean space.

Check for Any Damage

Let’s talk about deposits – they’re not exactly pocket change. To safeguard your hard-earned dollars, do a thorough check for any potential damage before moving in. Examine walls, surfaces, skirting boards, and flooring.

If you spot anything amiss, document it in writing, snap some pictures, and notify your landlord. Your future self will thank you for avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Learn Your Apartment Rules

Renting or living in an apartment block comes with its own set of rules. Before you move in, familiarize yourself with house rules to avoid upsetting your landlord or neighbors. Important points to check include quiet hours, pet policies, and parking regulations. Knowing these rules in advance ensures you won’t make mistakes once you’re settled in.

Invest in Storage Solutions

Limited space requires smart organization. Keep your apartment clutter-free by investing in storage solutions like over-the-door organizers (check out the SimpleHouseware one on Amazon with over 9,000 five-star reviews), storage ottomans, and under-bed storage organizers. These options maximize your use of space effectively.

Purchase Renter’s Insurance

Yes, it’s an extra cost, but it’s a worthwhile investment. Protect yourself from unforeseen events like fires, thefts, or disasters with renter’s insurance. Look for a policy that covers not only your home contents but also valuable items like your cell phone and laptop.

Keep Important Documents Organized

If this is your first place, you probably have Very Important Papers (VIPs) to manage. Keep your lease agreement, renter’s insurance, and other legal documents in one organized place. Magazine holders, like these smart black ones on Amazon, work well as they fit easily into small shelves and spaces.

Stock Up on Pantry Essentials

Beyond the fresh produce, ensure your grocery cart includes pantry staples like rice, grains, pasta, canned foods, sauce jars, and spices. Keeping these stocked in your cupboard prevents food shortages. Consider using clear jars, like these ComSaf ones on Amazon, to easily track when supplies are running low.

Make Friends with Your Neighbors

Apartments are cozy for solo living, but it can get a bit lonely. Upon moving in, knock on nearby doors, introduce yourself to neighbors, and consider joining a local Facebook or WhatsApp group.

Building connections with neighbors provides a support network and nearby friends for emergencies. Plus, new besties are always a good thing.

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