How to Remove Color Stains from Clothes

We’ve all been there—anticipating fresh, clean laundry only to discover oddly colored clothes due to dye bleeding from one garment. If this just happened to you, don’t worry—there’s a solution! Read on to learn how to remove color stains from your clothes. Why does color bleed? Dyeing is not always permanent. Colored dyes, especially if … Read more

Is a Turtleneck Business Casual

Business casual dress codes generally encompass a range of attire, including slacks, khakis, chinos, collared shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses, and closed-toe shoes. The objective is to strike a balance between presenting a polished appearance and allowing comfort and ease of movement. While jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, and overly casual outfits are usually discouraged, the guidelines can … Read more

Do You Wear a Belt with a Tuxedo?: Read This First

Do You Wear a Belt with a Tuxedo

Attending formal occasions calls for impeccable attire, as it reflects respect for the event and contributes to a polished and elegant appearance. In this comprehensive style guide, we aim to determine whether wearing a belt with a tuxedo is appropriate or not, unraveling the debates and considerations surrounding this topic. Do You Wear a Belt … Read more