20 Best Interior Design Tips To Decorate Your Home

When you’re designing a home, whether it’s a renovation or a new build, it’s your chance to get creative and show off what you love. That’s why interior designers play such a vital role – they help make your vision a reality.

But figuring out your style and decorating ideas can be tricky. So, today, we’ll talk about some top interior design tips to help you make your home look fabulous while still reflecting your personality.

Top Interior Design Tips from Expert Interior Designers

These tips work for any room in your house – bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, you name it. Let’s break it down step by step. You can mix and match as you please.

1. Embrace Whimsy

Whimsical wallpapers aren’t just for kids’ rooms. While they’re great for children’s development and comfort, they can also add a unique touch to any space.

You don’t have to go overboard with cartoon characters or animals. Choose something that catches your eye and adds that special something to your decor.

Whimsical wallpapers for home

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2. Give New Life to Old Items

You know the saying, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’? Well, it doesn’t have to be someone else’s trash. Take things you already own – old furniture, leftover wood, even curtains or upholstery – and give them a makeover.

Turn scrap wood into a coffee table or bedside stand. Or refurbish an old side table with some new fabric and cushions for a fresh look. A little DIY can turn something old and forgotten into a stylish new piece for your home.

3. Add Character with Murals and Wall Art

Art can really spruce up a room, and you don’t need to break the bank to do it. Get creative and liven up your walls with some artwork.

You don’t have to be a professional artist to create something beautiful. Ever seen those stunning murals in New York City tunnels or even on streets? Why not grab a brush and try your hand at painting one yourself?

If painting isn’t your thing, you can always buy art from auctions or support emerging artists. It’s all about the personality it brings to your space, not just the brushstrokes.

Murals and wall arts - interior design tips

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4. Highlight Your Best Pieces

Even if you’re going for a minimalist vibe, you can still add some glamour. Minimalism doesn’t mean you can’t showcase your favorite items.

Shop smart for your home decor, maybe at flea markets, but make sure to create a focal point for your prized possessions. Whether it’s something you crafted yourself, a special gift, or an antique find, give it a dedicated spot to shine.

5. Set the Mood with Lighting

Lighting can totally transform a room, from dull to dazzling.

LED lights are popular for their versatility, offering gradient lighting for a touch of drama. Pendant lights can add a cozy, romantic feel, while DIY sconces or string lights bring a bit of flair. And let’s not forget about chandeliers, which can add elegance to any space.

But nothing beats natural light. Invest in glass windows and skylights to let the sunshine in and keep your home feeling bright and airy. It’s an effortless way to bring life into your living space.

bedroom lighting interior design tips

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6. Bring Nature Inside

Adding natural elements like plants, woodwork, and succulents to your decor not only brightens up your space but also purifies the air and adds vitality.

Furniture pieces made of natural wood, like coffee tables or headboards, give a rustic and minimalist vibe, making the room feel warm and welcoming. Opt for clean-cut designs to achieve a more contemporary look.

natural element in interior design

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7. Jazz Up Your Switchboards and Fixtures

Don’t overlook the small details! Upgrade your kitchen and bathroom with stylish switchboards and fixtures. With so many new designs available, you can turn ordinary rooms into futuristic spaces that inspire envy.

8. Add Elegance with Antiques

Antique furniture and vintage rugs can add a touch of sophistication to any room.

Place them in your living room or parlor to spark conversation with guests. Add an antique bookshelf to your home office or study for a touch of charm.

Even your bedroom can benefit from antique pieces, serving as a reminder that you’re as precious as the treasures in your home.

antiques for home decor

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9. Add Some Color

Got a boring room? Spice it up with color

When picking colors for your interior design, don’t stick to the basics. Get creative by mixing shades and adding gradients. The 50-150 rule is gaining popularity among interior designers worldwide for its color-boosting effect.

Whether it’s painting the walls or revamping a piece of furniture, a splash of color can breathe new life into any space.

10. Look Up

Ceilings are the new frontier of design.

You don’t have to resort to mirrors (which can be risky). Instead, consider jazzing up your ceiling with a custom paint job, murals, special effects, or even wallpaper.

Choose patterns that match your room’s theme, whether it’s floral, topographical, meteorological, astronomical, or whatever catches your eye.

11. Embrace Asymmetry

Who says everything has to be perfectly balanced?

Add some asymmetry to your decor. Experiment with alternative design trends or incorporate gradients and textures into your room.

Mix and match home decor items to find the right balance. Textiles on the walls or playful geometric patterns without strict symmetry can be both captivating and stylish.

symmetry in home decor

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12. Create Illusions and Effects

Effects aren’t just for ceilings. You can play with them using creative lighting or DIY wall patterns. Check out ideas from sources like ‘Blossom’ for inspiration.

Ever seen those DIY lampshades that cast shadows of cityscapes or animals? You can easily make them at home or find them at flea markets for a unique touch.

Image Credit: iconwallstickers.co.uk

13. Bring the Bar Home

Why spend a fortune at city bars when you can bring the fun home? Dedicate a corner in your kitchen or living room to a home bar.

Invest in a wooden bar island, maybe with a built-in sink. Stock the shelves behind it, throw in some cozy yellow lighting, and voilà! You’ve got your own hangout spot right at home.

home bar - interior design tips

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14. Go Vertical in Small Spaces

In cramped or low-ceilinged rooms, tall furniture can create the illusion of spaciousness. Think bookshelves, cabinets, or even floor-length textiles hanging from the ceiling like tapestries.

tall cabinet storage

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15. Play with Textures and Upholstery

Consider adding textured upholstery to your seating area. Not only does it feel cozy, but it also adds visual interest to your furniture.

16. Embrace Metallics

Copper fixtures, stainless steel appliances, brass lampstands – metallic accents are all the rage. They bring a rustic yet elegant vibe to any room. You might even want to explore steampunk design trends for a unique twist in your living or dining room.

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17. Elevate with Curtains

Window treatments aren’t just for windows anymore. Skip the blinds and shutters and opt for long curtains made from luxurious fabrics with eye-catching designs.

Hang them from the ceiling as room dividers, drape them around windows for added drama, or install them around a tub or shower stall for a touch of sophistication.

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18. Create the Illusion of Space

Using reflective surfaces like mirrors and glass decor can make a small room seem bigger. These surfaces bounce light around, making corners appear more spacious. It’s a clever way to create the feeling of extra square footage, even in tight spaces.

19. Mix Up Your Seating

Think beyond traditional sofas and chairs. Minimalist and Asian-inspired designs often incorporate pillows and cushions around low coffee tables. Take this idea further by adding daybeds, foldable furniture, soft rugs by the fireplace, or low-seating options for a cozy vibe.

20. Embrace Dark Colors

A monochromatic dark theme can be both stylish and practical. It gives a room a modern, futuristic feel. Add gradient lighting and wall art to enhance the atmosphere while making the most of dark color schemes for efficiency and style.

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By incorporating these interior design ideas into your home, you’ll notice how quickly a dull space transforms into a cozy retreat. From captivating wallpapers to intriguing optical illusions, your home will spark conversations and captivate guests.

In uncertain times, our homes can provide stability and comfort. Let your home reflect your personal style without saying a word. So, get creative and remember, there’s no limit to what you can achieve with a little imagination.

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