12 Bedroom Color Ideas That Will Soothe You to Sleep

When it comes to choosing the perfect color for your bedroom, it’s all about expressing yourself. Unlike other rooms in your home that may require specific types of paint for practical reasons, like durability or moisture resistance, your bedroom offers more freedom for personal preference. You can let your taste guide you, while also considering the principles of color psychology to create a space that promotes relaxation and rest.

Creating a versatile palette that can adapt to your changing tastes over time. Rather than committing to just one color for your walls, consider embracing a palette that allows for flexibility. This way, you can easily update other elements of the room, such as bedding and accessories, without feeling limited by your wall color choice.

Below, we’ve curated 11 stunning bedroom colors along with expert design advice and styling tips to spark your inspiration.

1. Soft Green

bedroom paint colors
Margaret Rajic / Designed by Kelsey Haywood

Wrap your walls in a gentle, calming green shade. This color shifts in appearance throughout the day and strikes the perfect balance between cozy and serene.

2. Calming Light Blue

bedroom paint colors
Margaret Rajic / Designed by Kelsey Haywood

Ideal for both your main bedroom or a guest room, this color fosters a tranquil atmosphere to encourage a restful night’s sleep. They used a soothing blue wall color in this room, complemented by beachy, airy decor elements, to craft a serene guest room oasis.”

3. Deep Green

bedroom paint colors
Margaret Rajic / Designed by Kelsey Haywood

Make a bold statement with a rich, deep green hue. If you’re hesitant about painting all your walls in this shade, consider saturating just one wall for impact.

4. Dark Green

bedroom colour ideas

L: Furniture Village, R: Little Greene

Dark green brings a sense of refreshment and tranquility, symbolizing renewal and balance. Positioned in the middle of the color spectrum, it offers a cozy equilibrium between lively warm tones and serene cool tones.

To offset the richness of dark green, incorporate metallic accents, glass elements, or furniture with lacquer or gloss finishes to bounce light around the space. Complement these deep hues with trendy copper accessories for a contemporary touch.

5. Orange

bedroom colour ideas orange

L: George Home, R: Next

Orange, along with its softer variations like terracotta and ochre, evokes a Mediterranean vibe in a bedroom, especially when paired with warm woods and drought-resistant plants such as olive trees.

Adding hints of terracotta through soft furnishings like window dressings or cushions. This splash of color not only adds visual interest but also infuses the room with a positive and inviting atmosphere for guests.

For added drama, consider incorporating a four-poster bed with a draped canopy. This simple addition, using a fabric like soft cotton or linen, can be enhanced by the presence of orange, making the overall aesthetic more striking.

6. Black Bedroom Colors

bedroom with black accent wall and hanging light
Laurey Glenn

Dark, deep, and calming, black paint creates a cozy atmosphere akin to the night sky, perfect for inducing restful sleep. If painting your entire bedroom black feels overwhelming, consider using it only on the wall

7. Lavender Bedroom Walls

bedroom with blue upholstered bed, white and blue bedding
Jay Wilde

Lavender strikes a balance between warm and cool tones, offering a relaxed yet lively vibe. When applied to all walls, this pastel hue serves as a serene bedroom paint color. Pair it with bold accent colors like black and cobalt blue for a sophisticated touch.

8. Light Gray Bedroom Ideas

white wainscoting trim bedroom
Annie Schlechter

Pale gray is a fantastic choice for bedrooms, offering a dreamy and serene atmosphere. This elegant neutral resembles the soft hues of early morning, creating a calming backdrop for your furniture and decor.

To add personality to your space, incorporate different textures like plush seating and luxurious wood furniture. This layering of textures enhances the serene ambiance of the room, making it feel more inviting and comfortable.

9. Pure White Bedroom

exposed beams white walls modern cabin bedroom
Caroline Allison

Pure white paint creates a bright and tranquil space, making it a fail-safe choice. Choose a clean, crisp shade that isn’t too warm or cool for a spacious and peaceful feel. Add interest with bedding featuring different textures in calming colors.

10. Rich Charcoal Bedroom Color

muted earth tones small master bedroom mauve pink gray walls
John Bessler

For a sophisticated and serene atmosphere, consider a sleek charcoal gray paint. This deep shade adds drama and coziness without feeling too dark, especially in smaller bedrooms where it can create a sense of expansiveness.

11. Peach Bedroom Paint Color

minimalist peach and neutral tones bedroom
Matthew Williams

Soft peach tones offer a refreshing twist on traditional neutrals. As a calming bedroom paint color, peach creates a warm and inviting ambiance. To maintain maturity in the room, pair peach walls with neutral tones like gray, putty, or rust.

12. Soothing Gray Bedroom

gray pink color scheme bedroom
Laura Moss

Take inspiration from cloudy skies by painting your bedroom in a soothing gray hue. Opt for a mid-tone shade with cool undertones for a calming yet crisp effect. Balance the coolness with warm-toned accessories, such as bold magenta pillows, to create a harmonious look.


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