What Goes with Black Dress Pants? 20+ Dress Pants Outfit Ideas

Black dress pants are a wardrobe staple for any man or woman hoping to look polished and professional. Typically made of wool or polyester, these pants are a more polished and put-together alternative to jeans, ensuring that your look is finished and ready to impress. With so many different outfits in your closet, black dress pants are quickly forgotten when it comes time to get dressed each morning. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, there’s an easy way to get back on track so you don’t have to overthink what goes with black dress pants next time you need an outfit for work, school, or a special occasion.

What Goes with Black Dress Pants

When it comes to dressing up, there’s no wrong way to do it. However, there are some things you can do to make sure you look your best. Here are a few tips on what goes with black dress pants:

A grey overcoat and black dress pants

If you’re wearing a suit, this is one of the most classic combinations around. The contrast between the dark pants and light coat makes for a very striking look that can work for any occasion from a wedding to a business meeting.

Black leather Chelsea boots

While these are more casual than dress shoes, they’re still appropriate for many occasions. They will add an element of style and personality to any outfit but aren’t too flashy or out of place in more formal settings either.

Grey vertical striped wool blazer and white canvas low-top sneakers

This combination is perfect for casual Fridays at work or going out on the town with friends on the weekend. The contrast between the dark pants and light coat makes for a very striking look that can work for any occasion from a wedding to a business meeting.

White vertical-striped blazer and black suede tassel loafers

The white plaid blazer has become one of the most popular items in men’s fashion today. You can wear it on its own or layer it over other clothing items for added warmth during winter months. Pairing it with black dress pants makes for an elegant combination that could easily be worn at an upscale restaurant or as part of a more casual outfit like this one.

Beige blazer and black dress pants

The beige blazer is another versatile item that can be worn on its own or layered over other clothing items such as a button-down shirt or t-shirt. This look pairs it with black dress pants for a classic, dapper look that would work well in any situation where you want to stand out from the crowd but still look put together.

Black leather derby shoes and a grey chambray long-sleeve shirt

The best way to wear your new blazer is with a simple look. This combination works well because it doesn’t require much thought or coordination, but still looks sharp. The chambray shirt gives the outfit more texture and visual interest than just wearing a basic white dress shirt would do.

An untucked white dress shirt, grey barn jacket, and black leather loafers

This is another easygoing look that can be worn at the office or out on the town on the weekend. It’s great for guys who want to add some flair without being too flashy or drawing too much attention to themselves at work.

Black Dress Pants + White Shirt

If you’re not sure what to pair with your black dress pants, consider wearing a white shirt. A white shirt has a lot of versatility and can go with almost any outfit. In addition, it will look great with your black dress pants because the two colors contrast each other nicely.

Charcoal Wool Blazer

A charcoal wool blazer is another piece of clothing that you should consider adding to your wardrobe if you want to take advantage of all of the benefits that come with wearing a charcoal wool blazer. This type of blazer goes well with just about any color combination and will work well with both formal and casual outfits. It also looks particularly good when paired with black leather derby shoes or oxford shoes.

A black polo shirt with gray pants

A light-colored button-down shirt is a no-brainer to pair with black dress pants. The button-down shirt can come in any color, but it’s best to avoid anything too bright such as white or yellow. A black polo shirt will work just fine.

Gray cardigan sweater

A gray cardigan sweater is a great way to add warmth and personality to an otherwise bland outfit. You can use this technique to make your dress pants look more casual, which is helpful when you’re going out for drinks with friends or having a casual business meeting.

Black Dress Pants With Black Shoes

Black dress pants go well with black shoes. The most classic combination is black leather oxfords, but you can also wear any other kind of black shoe like loafers or wingtips. For a more casual look, try black suede lace-up boots or Chelsea boots.

Black Dress Pants With Brown Shoes

Brown dress shoes are another classic pairing for black dress pants. You can wear brown leather oxfords or Chelsea boots with your black pants, but they also look great with tassel loafers or monk straps (straps that go over the top of your foot). If you want to dress up your outfit even more, try patent leather monk straps or cap toes (with rounded toes).

A black overcoat and black suede loafers

A black overcoat is a great option for any man who wants to add some elegance to his look. The coat should fit well, be made of high-quality material, and come in your preferred length. Wear it with a pair of black dress pants, brown leather brogues, and a light blue shirt.

The best way to wear this combination is by pairing your coat with brown loafers or boots for a more casual look and black leather shoes for something more sophisticated.

A tan blazer and black dress pants

If you want to look professional but also stylish, then a tan blazer is the perfect choice for you. It fits right into the office environment without being too stuffy or formal. It will keep you warm during those cold winter months while still allowing you to move freely because of its lightweight fabric.

Wear it with black dress pants and brown leather shoes or boots for a more casual look or black leather shoes if you’re attending an important business meeting at work this week.

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