Discover 101 Unexpected Vaseline Uses You Didn’t Know

Vaseline is more versatile than you might think. This classic moisturizer has been a go-to since it was patented in 1865 for saving dry skin. It’s a staple in many beauty routines, passed down through generations. But its usefulness doesn’t stop there.

Whether it’s in its classic jar or a handy travel size, Vaseline packs a punch. We’ve gathered insights from experts and done our own research to compile 20 unexpected ways to use this potentially transformative balm. Check out some of the best and most surprising uses for Vaseline below.

Beauty and Skincare Tips

Vaseline petroleum jelly isn’t just for dry skin—it’s a versatile beauty essential! Here are some easy ways to incorporate it into your routine:

Beauty Hacks:

– Use it to remove makeup effortlessly.

– Prep for a home manicure by applying Vaseline around your nails. This makes cleanup a breeze and softens cuticles.

– Before DIY hair dyeing, apply Vaseline along your hairline, ears, and neck to prevent dye stains.

Skincare Hacks:

– For soft, smooth lips, apply Vaseline and gently exfoliate with a toothbrush.

– Brighten your skin with a mask made from Vaseline mixed with lemon juice.

– Create a luxurious body scrub by mixing Vaseline with sugar or salt to remove dead skin cells.

– Treat dry heels overnight by slathering them in Vaseline and wearing socks.

Fitness Hack:

– Prevent chafing during workouts or runs by applying Vaseline to areas prone to friction, like thighs and upper arms.

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DIY Solutions

Got some household DIY problems? Vaseline Petroleum Jelly might just have the easy fix!

Squeaky door keeping you awake?

– Apply a bit of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to the hinges for a peaceful night’s sleep!

Frozen locks giving you trouble?

– A touch of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly will help them loosen up in no time!

Explore the Many Uses of Vaseline

– Soothes skin after waxing for women

– Eases discomfort after eyebrow and upper lip threading for women

– Relieves itching after shaving for men

– Doubles as a gentle massage aid

– Softens and moisturizes dry cuticles when rubbed in

– Removes makeup effectively

– Acts as a sealant for lipstick on lips

– Functions as a lip gloss

– Prevents rough skin on ankles

– Protects scabs when applied over them

– Helps prevent scars when applied

– Makes a great body scrub when mixed with salt or sugar

– Prevents shoe bites

– Protects newly healed tattoos

– Soothes razor bumps

– Relieves tired or sore feet

– Shapes eyebrows

– Keeps shaved areas smooth and silky

– Revives fading manicures to make them shine again

– Creates a barrier to water for wounds

– Cares for sensitive skin

– Eases cracked mouth corners

– Soothes a dry nose during a cold

– Relieves earlobes after wearing earrings for a long time

– Soothes babies’ scalps before shampooing

– Protects hair from drying out and getting rough when applied before blow-drying

– Gives skin a healthy shine and glow

– Combats dry skin before long flights

– Prevents hair dye stains on the skin when applied along the hairline

– Stops lips from sticking to teeth during performances or when smiling excessively

– Prevent lipstick from sticking to teeth by applying it on your teeth before using lipstick

– Mix with lipstick to make a long-lasting blush

– Easily slide stubborn rings on and off fingers by using Vaseline

– Use it as a hair mask by applying it to your hair

– Create tousled waves by scrunching it into your hair

– Apply on dry spots before using tanning products to avoid uneven tanning

– Exfoliate lips by applying Vaseline, waiting a few minutes, then scrubbing with a toothbrush

– Safely use on newborn babies’ hands and feet to treat scaly skin

– Soothe irritated skin with Vaseline

– Aid in piercing care, such as ear or belly piercings

– Apply after showering to soothe eczema

– Prevent nail polish from staining skin by rubbing Vaseline around nails before application

– Give braids a neat shine by applying Vaseline on hair before braiding

– Create glossy lashes by using Vaseline instead of mascara

– Enhance the shine of week-old nail color by rubbing Vaseline on it

– Provide a soothing massage for babies with Vaseline

– Prevent diaper rashes on babies by applying Vaseline

– Overnight application on feet leads to smoother feet in the morning

– Restore dry hands, especially after outdoor activities or physical labor

– Rub a small amount into roots before shampooing for glossier hair and a healthy scalp

– Use as a full-body moisturizer

– Seal split ends of hair with Vaseline

– Create flavored and colored lip balm by mixing Vaseline with flavored drink powder

– Soften rough elbows with Vaseline

– Moisturize dry knees with Vaseline

– Restore chapped or dry lips

– Heal cracked heels with Vaseline

– Ease chafing during exercise by applying Vaseline

– Deeply moisturize hands overnight by applying Vaseline and covering with gloves.

– Soothe areas where your clothes have rubbed against your skin

– Relieve chafed areas where skin rubs together, like thighs

– Stay warm in cold or windy weather by applying it to your face or body

– Create a polished ponytail with no flyaways by using Vaseline on hair

– Reduce dry skin between toes and fingers

– Make emergency makeup by mixing food coloring with petroleum jelly for colorful blush, lipstick, or eye shadow

– Soften and style facial hair with Vaseline

– Apply to skin before using perfume to make its scent last longer

– Achieve longer glossy lashes by using Vaseline instead of mascara

– Remove paint from skin with Vaseline

– Soothe skin after sun or wind exposure by applying it to affected areas

– Help restore facial skin chafed by wearing face masks for long periods, like nose, cheeks, and ears

– Stop door hinges from squeaking by applying a dab of Vaseline

– Get a frozen lock moving again by rubbing Vaseline on it

– Prevent rust on metal hardware and tools by applying Vaseline

– Use it for wound protection and to soothe minor cuts and burns

– Create a protective layer over scabs, burns, and rashes with Vaseline

– Soothe mild sunburn with Vaseline

– Lift makeup stains from clothes or bedding by adding Vaseline to a damp washcloth and using it to blot the stains.

– Remove scuffs from leather items by buffing with Vaseline.

– Prevent nail polish lids from getting stuck by dabbing Vaseline under the cap.

– Preserve razor blades by applying Vaseline between uses.

– Get rid of chewing gum stuck in hair by coating it with Vaseline and gently pulling it out.

– Make DIY earplugs for swimming by shaping cotton balls coated in Vaseline to fit your ears.

– Repair scratches on wood by applying Vaseline and letting it soak before polishing.

– Restore shine to leather furniture or clothes by rubbing them with Vaseline.

– Start a fire by lighting cotton balls coated in Vaseline.

– Clean smudges from mirrors, sunglasses, and belt buckles by buffing with Vaseline.

– Relieve itching and discomfort under bra straps by applying Vaseline to your shoulders.

– Remove dried candle wax by applying and wiping away Vaseline.

– Turn matte makeup into creams by mixing with Vaseline.

– Use as a highlighter on cheeks for a dewy look.

– Remove eye makeup by massaging Vaseline onto lids and wiping with a cotton pad.

– Add glitter to Vaseline for a sparkling festival look.

– Loosen false lashes with Vaseline to make removal easier.

– Protect baby’s eyebrows while shampooing by applying Vaseline.

– Lubricate lightbulbs with Vaseline to prevent rust and make them easier to move.

– Prevent shower curtains from sticking by applying Vaseline to the rod.

– Unstick zippers by applying Vaseline to both sides.

– Keep glue caps from sealing shut by applying Vaseline around the rim.

Vaseline Uses

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