20 Best Under Eye Wrinkles Remedies

Under-eye wrinkles can be a common and frustrating sign of aging. The skin around the eyes is particularly delicate and prone to showing early signs of aging. Fortunately, there are several effective home remedies to naturally reduce these wrinkles. Let’s explore some practical and holistic approaches to achieving smoother, more youthful-looking skin around the eyes.

Having radiant, youthful-looking skin is something many of us aspire to, and the area under our eyes is crucial in achieving this appearance. While under-eye wrinkles are a common concern, they can be effectively managed with natural remedies. In this guide, we’ll explore the causes of under-eye wrinkles, understand the unique nature of the skin in this area, and discover practical home remedies to reduce those fine lines and wrinkles.

Causes of Under-Eye Wrinkles

Understanding what causes under-eye wrinkles is essential for finding effective ways to address them. Here are the primary factors:

The Aging Process: A Natural Culprit

As we age, our skin naturally undergoes changes. Key proteins like collagen and elastin, which keep skin firm and elastic, gradually decrease. This reduction contributes to the formation of wrinkles, including those under the eyes.

Sun Exposure: UV Rays and Wrinkles

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can speed up skin aging. UV radiation breaks down collagen and elastin fibers, leading to premature wrinkles, especially around the eyes.

Dehydration: The Skin’s Thirst

Not drinking enough water affects skin elasticity. Dehydrated skin is more likely to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Keeping your skin well-hydrated is crucial for maintaining a youthful appearance under the eyes.


Smoking significantly affects the skin under your eyes in two major ways. First, it reduces blood flow, depriving the skin of essential oxygen and nutrients.

Second, it breaks down collagen, a protein that keeps the skin firm, leading to the formation of wrinkles.

Facial Expressions

Making the same facial expressions repeatedly, like squinting or furrowing your brow, can lead to under-eye wrinkles over time.

These habitual expressions gradually create lines and wrinkles on the delicate skin around your eyes.

Sleep Position

How you sleep can influence the development of wrinkles around your eyes. Sleeping on your side or stomach can cause “sleep wrinkles,” including those under the eyes. Sleeping on your back can help prevent these wrinkles.


Your genetics also play a significant role in the condition of your skin. If your family has a history of early aging or under-eye wrinkles, you may be more likely to experience these issues due to inherited traits.

Poor Skincare Habits: Neglecting the Eyes

Neglecting the delicate skin under your eyes in your skincare routine can lead to the development of wrinkles. To prevent this, use targeted eye creams and handle this area gently to maintain its elasticity and smoothness.

Environmental Factors: Pollution and Stress

External factors like pollution and chronic stress significantly impact your skin. Pollution introduces harmful free radicals, while stress causes hormonal changes. Both factors accelerate the ageing process, contributing to wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Types of Wrinkles

As we age, wrinkles can develop around the eyes, and they generally fall into three categories:

1. Dynamic wrinkles: These wrinkles form when muscles contract beneath the skin’s surface, such as when you smile, leading to lines like crow’s feet.

2. Static wrinkles: Over time, dynamic wrinkles can become static wrinkles. These are the result of the natural aging process and environmental factors like sun exposure. Unlike dynamic wrinkles, static wrinkles are visible even when your face is at rest, appearing as creases and fine lines.

3. Wrinkle folds: The last type, wrinkle folds, occur due to a loss of support and structure with age, leading to sagging skin and deeper folds.

Home Remedies For Under Eye Wrinkles

Start Using Retinol

The most effective ingredient for reducing wrinkles is retinol. This explains why it’s become so popular in skincare. Renée Rouleau, a celebrity esthetician, adds that retinol helps by stimulating skin cell metabolism and boosting collagen production. Collagen is crucial because it keeps skin plump and smooth; less collagen means more wrinkles and fine lines.

Retinol is absorbed by the skin and converted into tretinoin, or retinoic acid, which is the active form of vitamin A. Using a high-quality retinol product can significantly reduce sun damage, dark spots, lines, wrinkles, and large pores. It works by resurfacing the skin to create a smoother, more even texture.

To effectively fight wrinkles, start incorporating a retinol product into your skincare routine. Use a low-potency Retin-A or topical retinaldehyde combined with a hydrating moisturizer. The best isErno Laszlo’s Firmarine Moisturizer, which contains jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid for hydration.

Key Ingredients

Retinol: A type of retinoid derived from vitamin A, used in anti-aging products for its antioxidant properties.

Moisturize Your Under-Eye Area

Use iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex for the under-eye area. This eye cream, popular among dermatologists and skincare experts, contains ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, vitamin C, and peptides, all known for their wrinkle-fighting properties.

Eye creams alone aren’t sufficient for treating wrinkles. They often lack adequate hydration, so it’s essential to use a rich moisturizer in addition to your eye cream.

Try using a deeply hydrating product like Erno Laszlo’s Firmarine Moisturizer to keep the under-eye area adequately moisturized and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Seal in Hydration with an Oil

Keep the under-eye area well hydrated to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Dry skin is more prone to aging signs, while hydrated skin appears healthier, younger, and plumper.

To achieve this, first apply a rich cream to the under-eye area, then seal in the moisture with an oil.

The oil acts as a barrier, preventing water from evaporating and locking in hydration. A good option is Josie Maran’s 100% Pure Argan Oil , which is vegan, cruelty-free, and sourced from UNESCO-protected argan nuts.

Try Facial Massages

Facial massages can stimulate blood flow and reduce puffiness around the eyes. Gentle acupressure massage to enhance circulation and lymphatic drainage, which can relax and tone the skin.

To do this, apply a small amount of eye cream to your ring finger. Start at the outer corner of the eye and gently tap the cream along the orbital bone towards the inner corner.

A double-tap near the inner corner can help “pump” lymphatic fluid away, improving product penetration.

Apply Face Masks

Face masks can nourish, balance, and restore the skin, which helps prevent wrinkles. Use targeted eye masks for issues like wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness. Sheet masks, which are serum-infused, penetrate deeper than cream masks, which hydrate the skin’s surface.

Some of her favorites include:

DRMTLGY Brightening Eye Masks: Infused with active peptides and plant extracts to smooth lines, brighten under the eyes, and reduce puffiness.

MBR Awake & Lift Eye Patches: Contain hyaluronic acid to immediately plump lines and wrinkles.

Valmont Eye Regenerating Mask Treatment: Features caffeine, arnica, and green tea to tighten and firm the skin.

Always Remember SPF

Prevention is key when it comes to skincare. Applying SPF every morning before stepping out is crucial. It not only helps prevent wrinkles but also tackles issues like discoloration and dark spots caused by sun damage.

Additionally, it safeguards your skin’s collagen levels. Using a reliable eye cream like Alphascience Eye Matrix twice daily, followed by sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat when exposed to the sun, is highly recommended by experts.

Be Gentle With Application

Handle your skin delicately, especially around the eyes. Avoid tugging or pulling; instead, use your ring finger to gently pat products into the skin. Rough handling can lead to deep wrinkles, so it’s important to be gentle to maintain skin elasticity.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Maintaining healthy skin starts from within. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and focus on eating a variety of nutrient-rich foods. Foods high in antioxidants like berries, nuts, and dark green vegetables support skin health.

Omega-rich foods such as salmon, avocado, and walnuts help maintain a strong skin barrier, preventing moisture loss. Incorporating collagen-boosting foods like bone broth into your diet can also contribute to healthier skin.

Ditch Unhealthy Habits: Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol and smoking are notorious for wreaking havoc on your skin and overall health. When it comes to alcohol, it not only causes inflammation and dehydration but also disrupts your sleep patterns, leading to the notorious “hangover face” with puffy eyes. While skincare treatments aim to rejuvenate the skin, alcohol does the opposite, leaving it looking tired and dull.

Similarly, smoking poses serious threats to your skin. The smoke contains harmful chemicals that damage every cell in your body, including those responsible for your skin’s health. Smoking also hampers the circulation of oxygenated blood to your skin cells, resulting in a lackluster complexion often referred to as “smoker’s skin.”

Consider Microneedling for Skin Rejuvenation

Microneedling, when performed correctly by a qualified skincare professional, can work wonders for your skin. This procedure involves tiny needles creating micro-injuries in the skin, stimulating collagen production and enhancing the absorption of beneficial skincare ingredients.

Microneedling helps to tighten, plump, and refine the skin’s texture, effectively reducing the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles, especially under the eyes. For even more dramatic results, some clinics offer Fractional Radio Frequency Microneedling, which combines needles with heat energy to further stimulate collagen production, resulting in firmer, smoother skin with diminished fine lines.

Finding the Right Ingredients for Your Skincare

When it comes to skincare, not all products deliver on their promises. Some may be popular but not suitable for the delicate under-eye area. To ensure you’re getting the most effective products, it’s essential to look for specific ingredients. Dr. Mraz recommends focusing on these key ingredients:

1. L-Glutamine: Boosts skin elasticity, brightens, and strengthens the skin by stimulating collagen production.

2. Genistein: A plant-derived compound with powerful anti-aging effects on both men and women’s skin.

3. Troxuretine: Normalizes small blood vessels, enhancing microcirculation and delivering vital nutrients to the skin. It also helps reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles.

4. Hyaluronic acid: Provides deep hydration and diminishes fine lines.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a natural oil rich in vitamins E and K, along with antioxidants, which can shield your skin from oxidative stress and inflammation. It hydrates, softens, and smoothens the skin, diminishing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. For a simple at-home remedy for under-eye wrinkles, all you need is:

– Extra virgin olive oil

– A cotton pad or ball

Soak a cotton pad or ball in olive oil and gently dab it around your eyes. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, then wipe it off with a clean tissue or cloth. For optimal results, repeat this process once or twice daily.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, a succulent plant, boasts remarkable healing and soothing properties for the skin. It contains aloin, which stimulates collagen synthesis and enhances skin elasticity. Additionally, aloe vera moisturizes, nourishes, and calms the skin, reducing irritation and inflammation. To utilize aloe vera as a home remedy for under-eye wrinkles:

– Obtain a fresh aloe vera leaf

– A knife

Cut a small portion of the aloe vera leaf, remove its thorny sides, and slice it open to access the gel-like pulp. Gently massage the pulp around your eyes for 10 minutes, leave it on for another 20 minutes, then rinse it off with cold water. For best results, repeat this process once or twice a week.


Cucumber, a hydrating vegetable, is packed with water, vitamin C, antioxidants, and enzymes that moisturize, brighten, and firm the skin. It also diminishes swelling, puffiness, and dark circles under the eyes. For a simple home remedy for under-eye wrinkles using cucumber:

– Obtain a fresh cucumber

– A knife

Slice two thin pieces of cucumber and refrigerate them for 15 to 20 minutes. Place the chilled slices over your eyes and relax for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the slices and wash your face with cold water. For optimal results, repeat this process once or twice daily.

Cabbage Juice

Cabbage, a cruciferous vegetable, is rich in antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamin C, and other nutrients that boost collagen production and combat free radical damage to the skin. Cabbage juice also tones and tightens the skin, reducing wrinkles and sagging. For a home remedy for under-eye wrinkles using cabbage juice:

– Obtain a quarter head of cabbage

– Honey

– Carrot seed oil

– A blender and a strainer

Blend the cabbage with water and strain the juice. Mix in honey and a few drops of carrot seed oil. Apply the juice around your eyes using a cotton pad or ball, leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse it off with cold water. For optimal results, repeat this process three times a week.


Apricots are tasty fruits packed with vitamins and antioxidants that benefit your skin. They can shield your skin from sun damage and aging, while also hydrating and exfoliating it.

To make an under-eye wrinkle remedy with apricot at home, gather an apricot, honey, almond oil, and a fork and bowl.

Mash the apricot, mix it with honey and almond oil to form a paste, then apply it around your eyes, leaving it for 10 minutes before rinsing with cold water. Repeat weekly for optimal results.

Egg White

Egg whites are natural sources of skin-friendly nutrients like protein and collagen. They tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, and shrink pores.

For an under-eye wrinkle remedy, crack an egg, separate the white, whisk until frothy, apply around the eyes, let dry, then rinse off with cold water. Repeat weekly or bi-weekly.


Bananas are rich in nutrients like potassium and vitamins B6, C, and E, making them excellent for moisturizing and protecting the skin.

Mash a ripe banana, apply around the eyes, leave for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with cold water. Repeat 1-2 times a week.


Papaya contains enzymes like papain that exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin, boosting collagen production and improving elasticity.

Simply mash a slice of ripe papaya, apply around the eyes, leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off with cold water. Repeat 1-2 times weekly for best results.



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