43 Fun and Cute Things To Do With Your Boyfriend

If you’re searching for enjoyable activities to do with your boyfriend, you’re in the right place. These romantic date night suggestions and playful afternoon outings are perfect for tapping into your spontaneous side and spending quality time together.

What’s great is that these ideas are not just for a specific season – they work well during the late summer and early fall, and many are suitable for any time of the year. Say goodbye to the usual date night routine and try something new!

Indoor Fun with Your Boyfriend

1. Art Class Adventure

Get creative together! Try out an art class in painting, woodworking, glassblowing, pottery, or any crafty medium that interests you. You don’t need to be a master artist to create something beautiful.

2. Relaxing Spa Day

Unwind together with a spa day. Whether it’s at a professional spa or a DIY day at home with massages, face masks, bubble baths, and soothing music – it’s a perfect way to pamper yourselves.

3. Bowling Fun

Keep it classic with a bowling date. Spend a fun-filled afternoon or evening knocking down pins with your main squeeze.

4. Escape Room Excitement

Test your problem-solving skills as a couple by taking on an escape room challenge. Solve riddles and clues to escape from scenarios like vengeful ghosts, zombies, mysteries, and more. It’s not just romantic but also great for group outings with friends.

5. Arcade Adventure

Add a touch of retro fun to your date night. Visit an arcade with classics like Pacman, TMNT, skeeball, and pinball. Don’t forget the quarters, and let the gaming nostalgia begin!

6. BINGO Bonanza

BINGO knows no age limits, so why not try your luck? Join a lively game for some laughs and maybe even win some extra cash.

7. Comedy Show Laughs

Attend a local comedy show for a night of laughter. Leave seriousness behind and enjoy a giggle-filled evening. While not all material may be suitable, you’re guaranteed to leave with sore cheeks from smiling.

8. Museum Adventures

Break away from your usual routine and dive into a world of science, culture, history, art, and more! By exploring museums together, you not only support your community but also broaden your horizons as a dynamic duo. Even if these outings aren’t your typical choice, remember that variety adds spice to life.

9. Murder Mystery Dinner

Trade ordinary romantic date ideas for an evening of dining and detective work at a murder mystery dinner. It’s a unique and unforgettable adventure that allows you and your boyfriend to showcase your ‘whodunnit’ skills while enjoying a delightful meal.

10. Billiards and Beer

Few things pair as naturally as beer and billiards. If you’re looking for weekend plans with your boyfriend to stay warm, head to a solid dive bar. It’s a perfect setting to enjoy some beer and try your hand at a game of billiards.

11. A Bookstore Adventure

On a chilly day, grab a cozy coffee and explore a bookstore together. Get lost in the aisles filled with mystery, romance, suspense, sci-fi, and more. Pick each other’s top reads, and spend cozy nights reading beside each other—a cute and intellectual date idea.

12. Play Laser Tag

Rediscover the joy of your childhood by playing laser tag with your boyfriend. This indoor adventure guarantees a fun time, so get trigger-happy together. Consider adding some excitement by hitting up a happy hour before the game.

13. Roller Skating Rink

Embrace nostalgia with a visit to a roller skating rink. Test your coordination skills and enjoy the always-anticipated partner-skate. It’s a classic throwback that adds a touch of fun to your weekend plans.

14. Bar Games Challenge

If you both enjoy a bit of competition, spend an afternoon or evening playing bar games like shuffleboard, darts, or cornhole at a local watering hole. Make it even more exciting by deciding that the loser buys the last round.

15. Tantalizing Tasting Experience

Step outside your comfort zone and explore new tastes within your city. Whether it’s beer, wine, whiskey, local cuisine, chocolates, or more, indulge in a tasting adventure with your boyfriend.

16. Movie Theater Magic

In the age of Netflix and OnDemand TV, going to an actual cinema is a rare treat. Bring back the classic movie date night by splurging a little. Watch a film on the big screen with popcorn, soda, and candy for a nostalgic and enjoyable experience.”

17. Dance the Night Away

Discover your inner groove with a fun dance lesson. Whether it’s the casual charm of line dancing, the infectious rhythm of salsa, the elegance of ballroom, or something in-between, take a step out of your comfort zone and let the music guide your feet.

18. Axe Throwing Extravaganza

Experience the hype and challenge your friends to a thrilling round of axe throwing. With guidance from a seasoned instructor, you’ll learn the art of throwing like a pro. The one who hits the most bullseyes earns the coveted title of axe champion!

Outdoor Adventures with Your Boyfriend

Bask in the sun and embrace the outdoors with your significant other.

19. Explore the Trails

Embark on a hiking adventure with your boyfriend over the weekend. Choose a trail that matches your preferred level of challenge and immerse yourselves in the wonders of nature. If you prefer company, check out these unforgettable group hiking experiences.

20. Cast a Line with Fly Fishing

Escape to the wilderness and try your hand at fly fishing. It’s a perfect blend of learning a new skill, enjoying tranquility, and marveling at breathtaking scenery—making it one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities for couples.

21. Dine on Water or Rails

Elevate your traditional dinner date by opting for a meal on a boat or train. Wine, dine, and perhaps dance while enjoying picturesque views. Such romantic date night ideas offer not only adventurous dining but also ample entertainment, including photo opportunities against stunning backdrops.

22. Hit the Golf Course

Whether it’s mini-golf or the real deal on a course, don’t miss out on this fall or summer adventure with your boyfriend. With goofy course themes and the option for beer carts, you’re in for a lighthearted afternoon surrounded by the finest seasonal ambiance.

23. Embrace a Cozy Campfire

Create a cozy evening with flickering flames, whether in your backyard or out in nature. The warm, romantic glow of the fire sets the perfect mood for an enjoyable evening.

24. Chase Fireworks

Witness the magic of fireworks illuminating the night sky—a timeless and enchanting activity for a date with your boyfriend. Keep an eye on social media for free displays following events like local ball games or fundraisers.

25. Romantic Horseback Riding

Embark on one of the most romantic adventures with your boyfriend—horseback riding. Revel in the joy of exploring beautiful landscapes while saddled up on one of the most magnificent creatures on the planet. Get lost in the wilderness and perhaps even enjoy a picnic along the way!

27. Camp Under the Stars

Escape the city hustle and embrace tranquility in the great outdoors. Camp together for a peaceful experience surrounded by wildlife and lush greenery, promising breathtaking scenery.

28. Haunted City Tour

Explore the eerie side of your city’s history on a guided haunted tour. While it may have a spooky undertone, you’ll visit intriguing locations like watering holes, hotels, and swanky spots, sparking ideas for future romantic date nights—if you’re daring enough to return.

29. Stargazing Night

Reconnect with the constellations on warm nights with this romantic date idea. Grab a star chart, find a spot with an unobstructed view of the sky, and enjoy the brilliance of the stars. A bottle of wine can add a touch of romance to this simple and sweet outing.

30. Spontaneous Road Trip

Embark on a thrilling and spontaneous road trip with your special someone. Buckle up, follow the twists and turns, and see where the road leads. Explore new destinations and thank your trusty GPS for guiding you back.

31. Geocaching Adventure

Add geocaching to your couple’s bucket list—a treasure hunt using GPS, a compass, and coordinates. Hunt for hidden treasures in plain sight and enjoy the satisfaction of discovery.

32. Segway Tour

Experience your favorite urban spots in a new way with a Segway tour. Riding these attention-grabbing vehicles ensures an unforgettable and unique adventure with your boyfriend.

33. Rock Climbing Excursion

Immerse yourselves in a new hobby and the great outdoors with a rock climbing class. Learn the basics on an indoor climbing wall before venturing into the exciting natural terrain.

34. Cheer for the Home Team

Attend a local sporting event, whether major or minor league. Immerse yourselves in the lively atmosphere with cheering, cold beverages, and greasy food. Add some matching face paint for an extra cute touch.

35. Electronic-Free Outdoor Experience

Escape the screens and enjoy the great outdoors. This simple yet profound activity allows you to create vibrant memories and engage in meaningful conversations without any electronic distractions.

36. Boat Escape

Row, paddle, or speed away on the water for a refreshing adventure. Take a break from landlocked activities and enjoy the sun while creating playful memories on the water.

37. Tandem Bicycle Ride

Double the fun with a tandem bicycle ride. Beyond being a blast, it also acts as a trust test. See if you both trust each other’s ‘driving’ skills while sharing the weight of pedaling.

38. Public Transportation Expedition

Branch out from your usual routine by taking public transportation. Board a train or bus without a specific plan, grab a seat, and let the journey surprise you.

39. Workout Together

Prioritize health with a joint workout session. Whether it’s a gym session or a run outdoors, breaking a sweat together adds fun to fitness.

Bucket List Adventures with Your Boyfriend

Explore these once-in-a-lifetime experiences that deserve a spot on your shared bucket list.

40. ATV Adventure

Strap on a helmet and unleash your wild side with an adrenaline-pumping ATV adventure. Explore unique landscapes and create lasting memories.

41. Skydiving Thrill

Prepare for take-off and scratch skydiving off your bucket list. If you’ve already experienced outdoor skydiving, try the indoor version for a new twist.

42. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Elevate your relationship with a whimsical hot air balloon ride. Enjoy breathtaking views in warm months or admire the array of colors as the air turns crisp.

43. Bed and Breakfast Getaway

For a low-maintenance escape, consider a bed-and-breakfast weekend. Relax and rejuvenate in a cozy setting or explore themed getaways, ranging from murder mystery weekends to fairytale retreats.

Inject some excitement into your love life and start these adventures with your boyfriend now.

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