100 Fun Summer Family Activities

Keeping your kids entertained this summer doesn’t have to be costly or extravagant. We’ve compiled a list of 100 simple and engaging activities that will make summer fun and memorable.

Regardless of whether you work from home, stay at home, or have a job outside, having a handy list of summer activities is essential to keep your children busy and learning. Without a plan, kids might end up spending too much time on screens, which isn’t beneficial for their mental or physical health.

Here’s a curated list of 100 summer activities that are both enjoyable and educational. You’ll always have ideas at your fingertips, ensuring there’s something for every child, no matter their interests or preferences.

You can use these ideas to create a summer bucket list or just select a few favorites to try out. Either way, you’ll create wonderful memories together. The important thing is to slow down and savor the summer months with your family.

Nature Summer Activities for Kids

Summer offers long, sunny days perfect for exploring the great outdoors. Here are some fun and engaging activities to enjoy with kids. Remember to pack sunscreen and bug spray!

1. Go Bird Watching

Equip yourselves with a camera and a notebook to document bird sightings. Use an app or a guidebook to identify different species and learn about their habits.

2. Grow Fresh Herbs in Containers

Repurpose old coffee cans, milk jugs, mason jars, plastic cups, or any other containers you have at home to plant herbs. Place your herb garden on a patio or windowsill and enjoy watching them grow.

3. Look for Shapes in the Clouds

Spread a blanket on the grass, lie down, and gaze up at the sky. Take turns pointing out different shapes and figures you see in the clouds, sparking creativity and conversation.

4. Make a Bird Feeder

Create a bird feeder and hang it in your yard. Observe the different birds that come to visit and add new sightings to your bird-watching list.

5. Make Fairy Houses

Use natural materials like moss, bark, and leaves to build small fairy houses. This imaginative activity is perfect for creative play and storytelling.

6. Pick Your Own Plants

Visit a local farm that offers pick-your-own options for blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, vegetables, or flowers. Enjoy the experience of harvesting fresh produce together.

7. Plant a Butterfly or Hummingbird Garden

Design a garden that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds by planting flowers they love. Watch these beautiful creatures as they visit your garden throughout the summer.

Rainy Day Activities for Summer

When summer showers keep you indoors, there’s still plenty of fun to be had. Here are some of our top kid-friendly activities for rainy summer days:

1. Movie Marathon: Grab your favorite movies or browse Netflix for a cozy movie day. Don’t forget the popcorn and lots of snuggles!

2. Build a Fort: Use pillows and blankets in the living room or cardboard boxes in the yard to create an epic hideaway for your kids.

3. Lego Castle Project: Set up a table for a family Lego-building project. Work together to construct a castle, and add to it throughout the summer.

4. Indoor Camping: Spread out sleeping bags on the floor for a fun family slumber party.

5. New Hairdos: Let the kids experiment with non-permanent hair colors, braids, or spiked, gelled looks.

6. Origami Fun: Get an origami book and colorful paper. Make fun animals and shapes to give as gifts to friends and family.

7. Breakfast in Bed: Take turns serving breakfast in bed to each other for a special treat.

8. Marble Races: Cut an old pool noodle in half to create marble race tracks. Race marbles down the tracks to see whose is the fastest.

9. Time Capsule: Have each family member write down something they are grateful for and include a special item in the time capsule. Decide on a date to open it, such as Thanksgiving or a future milestone like a graduation.

10. Paper Airplanes: Make paper airplanes and see whose flies the farthest. Create various contests for added fun.

11. Card Games: Play classic card games like Crazy Eights, Spoons, Go Fish, or even Poker. You can also enjoy a family board game.

12. Charades: Turn all the summer drama into a lively game of charades.

13. Rearrange Furniture: Give kids graph paper to draw out a plan for rearranging the furniture. Then, have fun moving things around together.

14. Home Project: Set a goal to complete a home project, such as cleaning the garage, organizing the basement, or redecorating a spare bedroom. Involve the kids in the process to teach them valuable skills.

Local Sites for Families to Visit

Summer is the perfect time to explore your local area with friends and family. Here are some fun and memorable activities to enjoy:

1. Diner Delights: Sit at the counter of a classic diner. Let the kids indulge in fried food and milkshakes for a nostalgic experience.

2. Free Concerts: Find a nearby free concert. Relax and enjoy the music while nurturing your kids’ love for live performances.

3. Demolition Derby: Attend a demolition derby for an action-packed experience with thrilling car crashes.

4. Flea Markets and Garage Sales: Explore local flea markets or garage sales. Challenge the kids to negotiate and see if they can score better deals than you.

5. Carnivals and Fairs: Visit a local carnival or county fair. Enjoy the rides and entertainment, and don’t forget to treat yourselves to sugary delights like cotton candy and elephant ears.

6. Picnics: Pack a picnic and enjoy it anywhere – at a free concert, playground, or state park. It’s a simple yet delightful way to spend a summer day.

7. Dramatic Performances: Watch a dramatic performance together, whether it’s a puppet show in the park or a touring Broadway show. Experience the magic of live theater as a family.

8. Matinee Movies: Go to a bargain matinee at a local movie theater. Enjoy an afternoon film without breaking the bank.

9. Garden Gnome Adventure: Bring a garden gnome along on your outings. Take pictures of the gnome at each destination and create a scrapbook of your summer adventures.

10. Road Trip: Take a road trip to a nearby city. Spend the night or make it a day trip to explore new sights and experiences.

11. Minor-League Baseball: Attend a minor-league baseball game. These parks are very family-friendly and often feature fun giveaways and chances to win prizes.

12. Historic Houses and Farms: Visit a historic house or farm. Learn about how life has changed and appreciate what people in the past lived without.

13. Farmers’ Markets: Explore a local farmers’ market. Enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables and savor a few locally-made treats.

For Exercising Brain

Engage your kids’ minds during the summer break with these enriching activities that keep them learning and entertained:

1. Brain-Building Games: Challenge your kids with brainteaser games to keep their minds sharp and active.

2. Riddle Fun: Explore a book of riddles and enjoy trying to stump each other. Encourage creativity by crafting your own riddles.

3. Summer Homework: While not the most exciting, tackling summer assignments early ensures a stress-free return to school.

4. Puzzle Races: Compete in puzzle races using 100-piece puzzles to see who can finish first, fostering both fun and focus.

5. Family History Project: Interview an older relative to document your family’s history or create a family tree together, fostering connections and learning.

6. Reading Clubs: Join or start a summer reading club at your local library, or create your own to encourage a love of reading and sharing book recommendations.

7. Learning New Skills: Master a new skill together, whether it’s juggling, playing the harmonica, or sewing, fostering teamwork and accomplishment.

8. Read-Aloud Sessions: Enjoy reading a chapter book aloud together, aiming for a chapter or more each night, or explore an entire series as a family.

9. Science Exploration: Make science exciting by conducting experiments at home or visiting a science museum, sparking curiosity and discovery.

10. Comic Book Creation: Collaborate on writing and illustrating a comic book as a group project or let each individual create their own, encouraging creativity and storytelling.

11. Journaling: Encourage daily journaling or bullet journaling for older teens, providing a space to reflect on summer highlights and share experiences with each other at the end of the season.

Engaging Summer Art Activities for Kids

If your child enjoys getting crafty or has a knack for creativity, here are some fun summer activities to try out. Even if your kids aren’t usually drawn to art, these activities offer a chance to explore their creative side.

1. Paint and Decorate Rocks: Gather some rocks and let your kids paint them. They can turn these painted rocks into pets, garden decorations, or thoughtful gifts for family members.

2. Create a Family Mural: Hang a large piece of craft paper and work together on a summer-themed mural. Add drawings, paintings, or colorful pictures depicting your family’s summer adventures. Keep adding to it throughout the season and have a special unveiling party at the end.

3. Sidewalk Chalk Art: Use sidewalk chalk to decorate your walkways with colorful designs. You can either use store-bought chalk or make your own using simple ingredients like cornstarch, water, and food coloring.

4. Summer Sketch Diary: Encourage your kids to keep a summer sketch diary where they can doodle or draw their daily experiences. Share and discuss the sketches together at the end of the summer.

5. Family Photoshoot: Plan a fun photoshoot with different outfits and poses. Head outdoors or explore your neighborhood for picturesque backdrops. Older kids can even try their hand at editing the photos on a computer.

6. Musical Creations: Experiment with music by playing traditional instruments or creating your own using household items. Record your musical sessions to preserve the memories.

7. Playdough Fun: Make homemade playdough and let your kids sculpt their own creations. Once they’re done, they can start anew by ripping up the dough and reshaping it.

8. Clay Creations: Get creative with clay and sculpt various objects or figures. Bake the finished creations to make them permanent keepsakes.

9. Pressed Flower Art: Collect summer flowers and press them between waxed paper to create beautiful pressed flower pictures.

10. Dramatic Performances: Encourage your kids to put on their own dramatic performances. They can write scripts, make costumes, or simply improvise for a fun and entertaining activity.

11. Bead Stringing: Let your kids explore their creativity by stringing beads to make jewelry or other decorative items. Projects can be as simple or intricate as they like.

Summer Activities that Promote Exercise

Here are some fun summer activities for kids that encourage them to stay active and enjoy the outdoors:

1. Water Fun: Create a water blob or slip ‘n slide in your yard using plastic sheeting and duct tape. Kids can hop from one blob to another or slide down the slip ‘n slide for some refreshing fun.

2. Obstacle Course: Build an obstacle course in the backyard and pretend to be American Ninja Warriors. See who can navigate through the course the fastest.

3. Tree Climbing: If it’s safe and the kids are old enough, climb trees together for a thrilling outdoor adventure.

4. Kite Flying: Make or buy a kite and spend a few hours flying it in an open field.

5. Fishing: Check local regulations and enjoy some fishing together as a family.

6. Bubble Gum Contest: See who can blow the biggest bubble without it popping.

7. Water Balloon Games: Have a water balloon baseball game or create your own water balloon games for some splashy fun.

8. Water Gun Race: Set up a race using plastic cups and squirt guns. The first cup to the finish line wins.

9. Hula Hoop Contest: See who can hula hoop the longest.

10. Jump Rope: Take turns jumping rope alone or together, and try singing rhymes while jumping.

11. Park Activities: Check out your local park’s schedule of activities for more outdoor fun.

12. Canoeing: Rent a canoe and spend some time paddling on the water.

13. Balloon Tennis: Use paper plates and painting sticks to play tennis with a balloon indoors or outdoors.

14. Lawn Games: Play croquet, bocce ball, or HORSE basketball on the lawn.

15. Miniature Golf: Visit a local miniature golf course or create your own course at home.

16. Rainy Day Fun: Embrace the rain by smelling it on the pavement, splashing in puddles, and making mud pies.

17. Outdoor Games: Run around the yard playing kickball, frisbee, tag, or create your own summer Olympics.

18. Badminton/Volleyball: Set up a badminton net for a family tournament or use it to play volleyball with a beach ball.

19. Hiking: Explore nearby trails or parks on foot for a scenic adventure.

20. Biking: Take bike rides around your neighborhood or on biking trails for some active family fun.

21. Skipping Stones: Teach the kids how to skip stones and turn it into a friendly competition.

Enjoy Summer Nights

Gear up with bug spray and embrace the cool evening air with these fun activities:

1. Backyard camping: Set up a tent, grab sleeping bags, and enjoy a night under the stars as a family.

2. Catch fireflies: Chase after these glowing insects and marvel as they twinkle in the darkness.

3. Drive-in movie: Find a nearby drive-in theater for a nostalgic movie experience, perfect for families.

4. Bonfire fun: Gather around a bonfire, roast marshmallows, hot dogs, and make delicious s’mores.

5. Outdoor movie night: Transform your backyard into a cinema with a projector and a white sheet or use your house as a screen. Settle in with blankets and snacks for a cozy movie night.

6. Audiobook stargazing: Relax under the stars while listening to an audiobook, a perfect activity for quiet evenings.

7. Stargazing party: Invite friends over for a stargazing session and enjoy the wonders of the night sky together.

Summer Activities with Friends

Keep your child socially engaged with these enjoyable activities:

1. Spread kindness: Bake cookies for an elderly neighbor and deliver them with a heartfelt note.

2. Treasure hunt: Organize a scavenger hunt with friends, or try a photo scavenger hunt for a twist.

3. Backward day: Have fun wearing clothes backward and indulging in reverse meals.

4. Cookout extravaganza: Host a backyard cookout with customizable burger bars or a make-your-own sundae station.

5. Board game night: Set up game tables for kids and adults to enjoy a night of friendly competition.

6. Sleepover fun: Invite friends over for a sleepover filled with movies, games, and snacks.

7. Playdate at the playground or pool: Strengthen friendships with regular playdates.

8. Neighborhood garage sale: Let kids earn some cash by selling their old belongings.

9. Virtual visits: Connect with distant relatives through Zoom or Skype to share summer adventures.

10. Community outreach: Volunteer to visit nursing homes or retirement communities for activities like games or singing sessions.

Summer Cooking Activities

Summer is the perfect time to involve kids in fun and educational cooking projects. These activities not only teach them important culinary skills but also cultivate their interest in diverse foods. Here are some ideas to get started:

1. Pizza Party: Let kids create and bake their own pizzas. They’ll love choosing toppings like cheese, veggies, and meats. They can help with tasks like shredding cheese, washing vegetables, and chopping toppings.

2. Dinner Duty: Encourage kids to take charge of dinner one evening. Have them plan the menu, shop for ingredients, and prepare the meal. Younger children may need supervision, while teenagers can handle the task independently.

3. Refreshing Drinks: Beat the heat by making fresh lemonade or sun tea. Enjoy these cool beverages on the porch with homemade cookies or set up a lemonade stand to sell to neighbors.

4. Cool Treats: Get creative by making homemade ice cream. Kids can customize flavors and even turn it into ice cream sandwiches. It’s a delicious way to cool down on a hot day.

5. Nostalgic Treats: Share your favorite childhood recipe with the kids and let them add their own twist. Whether it’s cookies, brownies, or a special dessert, they’ll enjoy putting their stamp on a classic dish.

These cooking projects not only provide valuable kitchen skills but also create lasting memories and encourage experimentation with food.

Summer Family Activities

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