30 Spring Almond Nails For A Cute Spring Update

Get ready to dive into the hottest nail trend of the season: almond nails for spring. We’ve scoured the internet and curated our top 30 favorite designs that are sure to elevate your look and celebrate the arrival of spring.

These almond-shaped nails aren’t just a passing trend; they’re a bold statement. And the best part? We’ve got a variety of designs that cater to every taste, whether you’re into vibrant colors or delicate florals.

Check out some of our favorite spring almond picks below:

1. Modern Twist

Opt for sunny green or yellow hues with charming floral decals for a fresh and vibrant look.


green almond nails with floral stickers

2. Daisy Flora on Almond Tips

Short almond nails adorned with intricate white floral designs that exude elegance and springtime vibes.


3. Petal Play Nails

Painted red, purple, and white flowers that bring a touch of perennial charm to your nails, perfect for any time of the year.


4. Daisy Dreams

Here’s a unique twist on short almond nail designs you probably haven’t seen before: playful nude nails with sunny tips adorned with daisy-like details. It’s a chic yet whimsical look perfect for making a subtle statement this spring.


5. 3D Floral Fiesta

Experience the beauty of 3D floral designs blooming right on your almond-shaped nails. These intricate designs bring your nails to life, making them a stylish choice to show off this season.


6. Nude Chrome Nails

Sometimes simplicity speaks volumes. Let your nail technician create magic with these nude almond-shaped nails featuring an iridescent chrome effect. It’s a classy yet eye-catching look that’s sure to turn heads.


french tips

7. Minty Nails

Add a twist to your nail game by adorning the tips with pastel florals on a nude base. Alternate nails with a splash of light green for a playful and polished finish. It’s a refreshing take on nail art that’s perfect for spring.


 nail art designs

8. Elegant Pink Petal Nails

Achieve the perfect balance with these acrylic nails featuring a clean base color complemented by intricate pink floral designs. Elevate your nail game with this sophisticated detail.


9. Contemporary Abstract Blossom

Let your imagination run wild with these almond-shaped nails boasting a unique 3D garden effect. Capturing the essence of spring, these bold and imaginative designs offer a modern twist on nail art.


10. Lively Vibrant Spring Nails

Get ready to embrace the vibrancy of spring with these nails bursting with bright colors, playful designs, and fresh green accents. Head to your nail artist to bring this radiant style to life on your fingertips.


11. Feminine Pink Luau Nails

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with these pink and white nails reminiscent of a Hawaiian luau. Perfect for longer nails, this feminine look will elevate your nail game this season.


12. Short Flower Nails

Embrace the beauty of flowers with these colorful designs perfect for shorter nails. Versatile and charming, these nails are ideal for transitioning from spring to summer with style.


13. Eye-catching Psychedelic Dots

These nails take trendy looks up a notch with their unique lengths and vibrant patterns, guaranteed to grab attention wherever you go.


14. Shiny Glossy Garden Nails

For those who prefer a bit more length and a glossy finish that catches the light, these playful nails are the perfect choice. Their vibrant, art-inspired designs speak volumes without you having to say a word.


15. Elegant Lavender Luxe Nails

Classic meets contemporary with these nails featuring chic lavender tones and delicate floral art, adding a twist to the timeless look.


16. French Almond with a Twist

Ideal for active lifestyles, these nails combine playful pink hues with a hint of rainbow for a design that’s as dynamic as it is delightful.


17. Bold Coral Orange Nails

Make a statement with these nails boasting bold shapes and a sophisticated coral hue, perfect for those who love effortlessly stylish looks.


18. Fresh Nude Abstract Nails

Give classic nude nails a modern twist with these fresh swirl-tipped designs, sure to change your mind about traditional French tips.


19. Timeless Flower French Nails

Experience a new take on French nails with charming white daisy designs adorning the tips, adding a touch of timeless elegance to your look.


20. Subtle Blue Floral Nails

Achieve the perfect balance with soft gradients of blue and delicate floral touches, offering just the right amount of color pop without overpowering your style.


21. Soft Pastel Nails

Get ready for spring with these soft pastel nails. They’re done on almond-shaped acrylics, serving as a lovely canvas for intricate flower designs.


22. Tulip-Inspired Nails

Designed for those with slender fingers, these nails feature delicate floral patterns on a clear base. They’re perfect for any occasion and sure to become a favorite.


23. Fresh Springtime Nails

Say goodbye to winter with these spring-inspired nails. Pink and white flowers sprinkle across the nails, bringing a breath of fresh air and welcoming new beginnings.


24. Bright Pink and Yellow Nails

Forget about gold foil and animal prints. These nails are all about vibrant pink and floral daisies, adding a playful touch to your spring look.


25. Modern French Floral Design

A contemporary twist on classic French nails, featuring floral accents. Perfect for those who love tradition but crave something new.


26. Elegant White Nails

Simple yet elegant, these white nails with gold foil accents and hand-painted florals are ideal for those who prefer sophisticated designs.


27. Vibrant Green Nails

These green nails are the epitome of spring. The use of color and subtle design elements make them a must-have for the season.


28. Chick Pink French Tips

Mixing styles with confidence, these nails are perfect for special occasions like birthdays and baby showers. They offer a fresh take on the classic French manicure.


29. Sparkling Pink Rhinestone

Featuring delicate rhinestones, these nails combine colors, textures, and design elements beautifully.


30. Something Blue Nails

A unique design that stands out from typical floral patterns. Perfect for those looking to try something different.


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