12 Types of Cardigans You Need to Know

The cardigan is a staple piece in the contemporary menswear wardrobe. It’s perfect for keeping you warm, and it looks stylish too. With the popularity of cardigans on the rise, there are various types of cardigans to choose from while shopping. Whether you’re looking for a casual cardigan, or a fancy one that can be worn with a suit, here are 12 types of cardigans for men that you need to know:

What makes them so versatile is that they can be worn year-round. It’s easy to dress up your casual outfit with a button-down cardigan or add more personality to an everyday look with a printed vest. No matter what kind of outfit you’re looking to create, there’s bound to be at least one type of cardigan that will fit into it perfectly!

Belted Cardigan

A belted cardigan has no closure at the front, but instead has a belt that wraps around the waist once or twice depending on your preference.

This gives the illusion of being closed while still allowing air to circulate around your body and preventing overheating during warmer seasons. Belted cardigans can also be worn with or without a tie if you prefer a looser fit around your waist area.

Bolero cardigan

A bolero is a sleeveless jacket that typically fastens at the front with buttons or snaps. Boleros are often worn over other pieces of clothing like blouses or dresses for extra warmth, but they can also be worn alone in warmer weather when you want something simple and lightweight on top.

Boyfriend cardigan

The boyfriend cardigan is modeled after men’s sweaters and has no waist shaping, instead, it hangs loosely around your body like an oversize t-shirt would. It’s also characterized by oversized pockets on either side, sometimes even with grommets or buttons on them.

This type of cardigan can be worn casually over turtlenecks or tanks when dressing up is not required, say while hanging out at home or running errands around town on weekends.

Cropped Cardigan

Cropped cardigans are just like regular ones except they stop at your hips instead of going all the way down to your waistline. They’re usually shorter than long cardigans but vary in length depending on the design and brand.

Some cropped cardigans have buttons on one side only so that they can be tied around your waist for extra style points.

Draped Cardigan

The draped cardigan is similar to the buttoned one but doesn’t have any buttons or snaps at all instead, it’s designed with long draping sleeves that hang down loosely over your arms when not worn open.

This type of sweater tends to look better when paired with something underneath (like a blouse), since its design requires some sort of outerwear layer underneath even if it isn’t buttoned closed all the way up.

Closed-Hem Cardigan

Closed-hem cardigans have an overlapping front and hemline that’s sewn together with buttons or a zipper.

Some versions have the option of an open front, and some have buttonholes at the bottom of the hem so you can adjust it to your desired length.

Buttoned Cardigan

This type has buttons on the fronts and they can be unbuttoned or kept closed at all times depending on your preference.

These are great options if you want to wear them over a shirt or t-shirt, but they can also be worn as an outer layer when it gets colder outside. The buttons give them an extra touch of style while still being quite versatile.


A hooded cardigan is essentially a sweatshirt with sleeves that have been cut off at the shoulder. These are often worn by rappers as part of their streetwear look, but they also look great on casual days out when you want something warm but not bulky to wear over your shirt or jumper.

Hooded cardigans are available in various colours and patterns so you can find one that suits your style perfectly.

Long Cardigan

A long cardigan is exactly what it sounds like, a long piece that covers your body from your neck down to your knees (or even longer). It can be worn on its own or layered under another top or coat for extra warmth during cold weather.

Open Cardigan

An open cardigan has a V-shaped opening at the front, making it easier for you to slip into it whenever you want to wear it without having to put on any other layers over it (because otherwise, those layers may cover up the whole cardigan).

This type of cardigan is perfect for days when the weather isn’t too cold but still requires some form of layering to stay warm throughout the day.

Vest Cardigan

A vest cardigan is a sleeveless sweater that has buttons or zippers along the front. It’s designed to be worn over a shirt or other tops, it won’t keep you warm by itself. The style is often made with a contrasting color on the inside, so it shows when you open it up.

Wrap cardigan

A wrap cardigan is similar to a vest cardigan but is designed to be worn open instead of closed. It can be buttoned or zipped up in front but typically hangs loose over clothing underneath.

It looks like two separate pieces of clothing when worn open, one half covers your body from neck to knee, while the other half covers your arms from wrist to elbow. This style works well for warmer weather because it allows airflow between layers of clothing beneath it.


Zipped cardigans are popular because they add an extra layer of warmth without having to button up every time you put on your coat or jacket (and then unbutton them again when it’s too hot).

Zipped styles come in many different fabrics, too, everything from wool blends to cashmere and cotton knits.


When you’re in the process of deciding which cardigan to invest in, it’s important to know the type you choose. It’s even more important for men to have options when it comes to their cardigans. Cardigans can range from super casual to business casual, and work as an everyday staple piece for most men. The wrong choice will eat up space in your closet for no good reason, so it’s vital to learn which cardigan is right for you.

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