34 Exciting Spring Activities for Kids to Learn and Enjoy

Spring has arrived, bringing warmer weather, chirping birds, blossoming trees, and vibrant flowers. It’s the perfect time to embrace the beauty of nature and engage in some delightful activities with your children.

Explore a variety of springtime adventures right in your backyard, on nature walks, or indoors. With longer days and milder weather, there’s ample opportunity to make the most of this season.

Discover 34 fantastic activities suitable for kids of all ages. From crafting and sensory play to games and outdoor explorations, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re spotting flowers and trees on a nature walk or planting seeds in your garden, these activities are sure to spark joy and learning.

Even if you can’t venture outdoors, there are plenty of engaging indoor activities to try. Perfect for preschoolers and older children alike, these ideas offer a chance to bond as a family while celebrating the wonders of spring.

From nature walks to gardening and holiday-themed crafts, there’s no shortage of ways to embrace the season. So why wait? Dive into these exciting spring activities with your kids and create lasting memories together.

Fun Outdoor Spring Activities for Kids

1. Gardening

Spring is the perfect season to engage your child in outdoor activities, like gardening. Encouraging them to lend a hand in the garden not only helps you but also offers numerous benefits for their physical development.

Gardening teaches them valuable lessons about caring for the environment while enhancing their motor skills, finger dexterity, and ability to control objects.

2. Terrarium Creation

Create a mini outdoor terrarium for your child to enjoy in their own little garden space! Provide them with a small area, perhaps bordered with bamboo stakes, and let their imagination run wild as they plant and arrange pebbles. Building this tiny garden fosters creativity and cognitive skills from an early age.

3. Fairy Garden

Create a magical fairy garden with your children! All you need are a few flower pots, soil mixed with compost, pebbles, colorful flowering shrubs, and, of course, some tiny toy fairies. This enchanting project will spark their imagination and provide a delightful space for imaginary play.

4. Spring Nature Walk

Take a stroll through nature during springtime. Explore your neighborhood or venture out on a weekend hike. Challenge your child to spot blooming bluebells, cheerful daffodils, and other signs of spring. Let them delight in blowing dandelion seeds into the spring breeze.

5. Bean Pole Teepee

Construct a natural bean pole teepee for your child and their friends to enjoy. Gather bamboo poles, sturdy strings, pole bean seeds, and compost from your local scrap yard or the wilderness. This fun project creates a cozy hideaway and offers a hands-on lesson in gardening and sustainability.

6. Neighborhood Exploration

Encourage your child to explore the neighborhood just like you did as a child. Let them roam with friends and gather colorful treasures like rocks, flowers, buds, leaves, sticks, and stems. Help them turn their collection into a pretend-play flower boutique, igniting their creativity and imagination.

7. Jar Gardens

Transform glass jars into mini gardens with your child. While this activity can be done indoors, utilize your backyard or a small garden patch for a hands-on outdoor experience.

Stuff wet cotton into the jars and have your child plant bean seeds or other small plants. Place the jars on a windowsill and watch the seedlings grow each day together. It’s a fantastic way for your child to learn about germination and plant growth.

8. Kite Flying

Enjoy the timeless joy of flying kites with your child. Choose a colorful kite from a nearby arts and crafts store and head to the park for an exhilarating adventure. Embrace your inner child and join in the fun with your little one, creating cherished memories together.

9. Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Welcome the array of beautiful springtime birds by creating a simple bird feeder with pine cones. Roll pine cones in peanut butter or honey, then sprinkle bird seeds over them. Attach a string and hang the feeder on a tree outside. Enjoy watching a variety of lovely birds perching on branches and feeding on the seeds.

10. Alphabetical Saplings

Encourage learning and gardening with alphabetical saplings. Fill glass jars with damp cotton and have your child arrange seeds (such as pulses or spinach) into the shape of letters, perhaps starting with the initial letter of their name. Place these jars in your garden or on a windowsill, and as the seeds sprout, watch with excitement as the little saplings form the shapes of the letters.

These ten engaging outdoor spring activities for kids not only keep them entertained but also foster the development of various essential life skills.

Fun Indoor Spring Activities for Children

Let’s dive into some exciting indoor spring activities for children.

11. Vegetable Stamping

Unlock creativity with veggies from your fridge! Invite your child to use okra or bell pepper slices as stamps to create beautiful floral greeting cards for the season. Explore other readily available vegetables to craft stunning spring-themed designs.

12. Play-Dough Garden Fun

Spark imagination with play-dough! Dive into a world of endless possibilities as you and your child craft pretend garden items. Visit a nearby nursery or garden store for inspiration and maybe even supplies.

Mold play-dough into soil-like textures, place them in tiny pots, and add flowers and shrub branches. Provide small transparent bowls for seed storage, and watch proudly as your child runs their own pretend garden store, entertaining imaginary customers.

13. Pretend Sweetshop

Create a whimsical pretend sweet shop using colorful play-dough. Help your child craft a variety of pretend sweets like wrapped candies, muffins, and candy pops. Use craft paper to fashion muffin holders and candy sticks for authenticity.

14. Hula Hoop Fun

Get moving with a colorful hula hoop! Learn to dance and flow with your child, fostering locomotor coordination, body control, and rhythm through playful movement. Dancing with a hula hoop adds a fun twist to indoor activities and promotes physical development.

15. Spring-Themed Room Decor

Brighten up your child’s room with spring colors! Add wallpapers featuring vibrant hues and help your child create “springtime mood boards” adorned with painted flowers, leaves, and buds. Hang these boards on the walls to magically transform the space into a cheerful spring haven.

16. DIY Suncatchers

Create beautiful suncatchers with your child, a simple yet engaging art project that also teaches about light and color. This hands-on activity offers a fun lesson in physics while producing stunning pieces of art.

17. Egg Carton Wreaths

Discover a creative use for egg cartons by crafting lovely spring wreaths. Utilize materials readily available in your kitchen to transform throwaway paper pulp egg cartons into charming decorations for your home.

18. Petal Mosaic Butterfly

Collect petals and leaves from your backyard or local park and help your child create a mosaic butterfly masterpiece. Simply draw a butterfly outline on white sketch paper and glue on the petals and leaves to bring the artwork to life.

19. Stained Glass Artwork

Let your child’s creativity shine with stained glass artwork. Using easel paper, light-colored paints, and oil pastels, encourage them to create abstract shapes and vibrant designs. Display the finished pieces on windowpanes to enjoy the warm spring colors.

20. Paper Bug Rings

Craft adorable bug rings from paper using templates found online. This fun activity allows children to create their own fashionable accessories to wear throughout the spring season.

21. Origami Fun

Explore the art of origami with your child, a timeless activity that promotes creativity and fine motor skills. Gather craft supplies and embark on a journey of folding and shaping paper into delightful spring-themed creations.

22. Popsicle Stick Fairies

Create adorable fairies using candy sticks and cupcake liners with your child. Wrap a portion of the candy stick with spring-colored craft paper to form the fairy’s body.

Fashion a frilly skirt from a cupcake liner and use the circular center of another liner for the fairy’s face. Complete the fairy with wings made from craft paper, and your charming creation is ready!

23. Frog Puppets

Entertain your child with frog puppets made from printable templates found online. This interactive activity is perfect for storytime fun. Simply print the frog puppet template, let your child paint it in vibrant froggy colors, follow the folding instructions, and watch the puppet come to life.

24. Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Get creative with old toilet paper rolls by transforming them into spring-themed creatures like bees and frogs. Explore the endless possibilities of this simple and eco-friendly craft material.

25. Paper Flowers on Straws

Craft colorful paper flowers and attach them to paper straws for a delightful spring project. Encourage your child to practice scissor skills by cutting strips of colored paper, folding them into petals, and attaching them to the straws. These charming flowers make lovely decorations for art and craft classes or home décor.

These spring-themed projects for kids are easy to do and require minimal materials, making them accessible and enjoyable for children of all ages.

Exciting Spring Activities to Enjoy With Your Children

26. Park Exploration

Take a trip to the park with your child to discover fascinating birds and insects. Watching your little one explore and learn about the world around them is truly remarkable. Springtime adds an extra layer of fun as they observe birds and insects in their natural habitat.

Outdoor games like making mud pies, playing tag, or simply running, skipping, cycling, and playing hide and seek provide endless enjoyment for children.

27. Fly Swatter Flower Art

Get creative with a fly swatter! Transform this household item into a tool for making vibrant artwork. Simply grab some white paper and colorful paint, then spend the day painting with your toddler. This simple and enjoyable activity not only fosters creativity but also teaches them about shapes and patterns.

28. Leaf and Flower Printing

Engage in a fun spring art project by making leaf and flower prints. Suitable for children of all ages, this activity offers a creative outlet and keeps them entertained. Using a blank stamp pad filled with watercolor, have your child collect flowers and leaves of their choice to create beautiful prints on plain white drawing sheets. Children can also enjoy making leaf rubbings for added artistic flair.

29. Sensory Box Exploration

Encourage sensory development by creating a sensory box for your child. Using everyday items like cereal, sand, water, and plastic eggs, assemble a box filled with different textures for your little one to explore.

This hands-on activity allows children to touch and feel various materials, enhancing their sensory skills and understanding of textures.

30. Reading Time

Engage in the timeless activity of reading with your children. Exploring classic literature introduces them to diverse topics and enhances their imagination and creativity. Dive into the works of legendary authors like Lewis Carroll, Roald Dahl, Rudyard Kipling, and Ruskin Bond, among others. Reading to your children daily not only boosts their cognitive skills but also expands their imaginative horizons.

31. Baking Adventures

Embark on baking adventures with your children, a delightful springtime activity. Teach them to create simple and delicious treats like muffins, candy bombs, or cookies. Baking together provides both fun and tasty rewards, as you watch them enjoy licking chocolate batter and savoring the final products.

32. Pancake Party

Host a pancake party for your child and their friends, involving them in the planning and preparation process. This hands-on experience fosters organization and coordination skills, laying the foundation for leadership development in the future.

33. Paper Plate Crafts

Explore the endless possibilities of paper plates with your child by creating charming spring-themed crafts. From rainbows with clouds to smiling suns, sunflowers, honeybees, and little birdies, these crafts are simple and enjoyable. All you need are paper plates, colors, scissors, and brightly colored craft paper to get started.

34. Family Movie Night

Unwind with a family movie night, offering entertainment and education for your children. Selecting fun films like “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” “School of Rock,” and “The Love Bug” introduces them to various concepts like technology, automobiles, and more, in an enjoyable and accessible way.

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