23 Beautiful Bathroom Shower Ideas for Every Style

Balancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Showers serve a crucial role in daily routines, yet they can also be transformed into stunning focal points. Elevate your shower experience with exquisite tile choices and eye-catching hardware, achieving a space that marries beauty with practicality. The decisions don’t stop there: Choose between doors or curtains, sliding or French doors, and select finishes like unlacquered brass or polished nickel, and materials such as stone or tile. Designing the perfect shower involves a series of thoughtful choices, ensuring the final result exceeds expectations.

However, beyond aesthetics, it’s essential not to overlook the shower’s primary purpose. Effective placement of valves, for instance, ensures you can adjust water flow without getting wet—a detail often underestimated. Additionally, considerations like maintaining a comfortable temperature in larger showers are crucial for a truly functional design.

Whether you favor bold, modern tiles or classic, timeless designs, these shower ideas are designed to inspire your next renovation project.

1. Double Door

Splurge in the Shower
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

A double door offers both aesthetic appeal and practicality, regardless of its swing direction. It enhances the bathroom’s appearance with a sleek, accessible design.

2. Built-In

Cabin White Bathroom with Pink Accents
Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

A built-in shower bench adds a touch of style to any shower, ideal for users needing seating or assistance. It also provides additional storage space, blending functionality with elegance.

3. Rain Shower

2022 bathroom trends

Transform your shower into a spa-like retreat with a simple installation of an overhead rain shower. This luxurious feature cascades water from above, elevating your shower experience.

4. Bring In A Bench

2022 bathroom trends

If your shower lacks a built-in bench, consider adding one for convenience and storage. Opt for a waterproof material to prevent mold and mildew, ensuring durability and hygiene.

5. Matching Finishings

Grass cloth wallpaper bathroom
Courtesy of Peltier Interiors, Photography by Andrew Bui

Achieve a cohesive bathroom design by coordinating metal finishes. Aligning shower hardware with sink and light fixture finishes creates a harmonious and polished look throughout the space.

6. Tub Shower

Bathroom with palm and brick wallpapers
Courtesy of Hillarys

In the realm of bathroom design, the choice between a bath or a shower is pivotal. Incorporating a shower head above a bathtub expands the functionality of the tub, offering versatility in daily routines.

7. Towel Storage

The floor and walls in this Fire Island bath are clad in Carrara marble (by Ann Sacks) tile to resist trapped moisture and tracked-in beach sand. The cool, monochromatic color scheme gives the room a soothing, spa-like feel.
Jonny Valiant

Efficient space utilization is key, especially in coastal settings like Fire Island. Opting for Carrara marble tiles from Ann Sacks on both floor and walls not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also ensures durability against moisture and beach sand. The cohesive, monochromatic palette creates a tranquil, spa-like ambiance.

To maximize space, consider integrating towel storage directly into the shower area. This eliminates the need for external racks or over-door hooks, maintaining a clean and streamlined look.

8. Same Stone

This Malibu master bath got an ultramodern update grounded in clean rectangular lines that are repeated in the soaking tub, a trio of casement windows, and translucent shower stall. Blue-green Esmeralda onyx shower walls (the marble is from Stone Resource
Photo: John Ellis; Stylist: Sunday Hendrickson

In a modernized Malibu master bath, uniform rectangular lines define the aesthetic. The use of Blue-green Esmeralda onyx across shower walls and the bathroom vanity serves as a unifying element, adding continuity and visual appeal to the space.

9. Depart From All White

Raquel Langworthy

While all-white and gray bathrooms have long been popular, alternative neutrals like black or charcoal can bring a refreshing change. These hues can transform the shower area into a striking focal point within the home.

10. Colorful Tile

Beachy blue, glazed subway tile (from Waterworks) are the main event in this Rehoboth Beach, Delaware bath. A smart cutout and bench add a practical slant to the pretty shower.
Photo: Rick Lew; Stylist: Loren Simons

For those inclined towards bolder choices, consider incorporating vibrant, beachy blue glazed subway tiles, such as those from Waterworks. Practical elements like a smart cutout and bench add functionality while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the shower space.

11. Tiny Tiles

Idea House 2020 Bunk Room Bathroom Shower
Robbie Caponetto; Styling: Kendra Surface

Interior designer Whitney Romanoff suggests that smaller tiles with intricate patterns can bring a modern charm to any space, contrasting with larger tiles.

12. Blue And White

2021 Idea House Twin Bedroom Bathroom
Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

Blue and white accents are timeless and can enhance the appeal of a predominantly white bathroom, adding a touch of vibrancy and elegance.

13. Outdoor Shower

600 Square Foot Beach Cottage Outdoor Shower
Joseph de Leo; Styling: Liz Strong

Outdoor showers offer a whimsical and airy experience, complemented by charming details like rubber duckies and decorative patterns.

14. More Decor

2019 Idea House Master Bath Shower
Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Liz Strong

Showers are often underestimated spaces for decor. Take inspiration from designs like this one featuring French doors and decorative elements to infuse personality into your bathroom.

15. Curtains

Fran Keenan Birmingham Cottage Master Bathroom
Hector Manuel Sanchez

Expand your shower decor beyond the basics. Consider treating your shower with curtains as thoughtfully as you would a window, exploring options beyond a simple hanging curtain.

16. Retro Inspiration

Bath with Vintage Pink Tub and Complimentary Details
Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Lizzie Cullen Cox

This renovated bathroom exudes old-school charm with original features, fitting seamlessly into its mountain cabin setting. Highlighted by the home’s vintage pink tub, complemented by white subway tiles and a palette of retro colors.

17. Glass Doors

Palais Pedestal Soaking Tub
Laurey W. Glenn

Favoring frameless glass shower doors over sliding ones due to their sleek, hardware-free appearance.

18. Standalone Shower

Henrick Textured Copper Slipper Tub
Helen Norman

While corner placement is common, the layout and spatial constraints of your home may call for creative solutions, such as a centrally positioned tub-shower with wrap-around curtains.

19. Polished Nickel

Jessica Stambaugh designed apartment bathroom with blue shower curtain
Alison Gootee; Styling: Suzonne Stirling

Contemporary designers emphasize the enduring appeal of living finishes over traditional chrome and brushed brass. Polished nickel and unlacquered brass are favored for their timeless style and durability.

20. Go Bold

Guest bathroom
Laura Sumrak

Bathrooms offer a unique opportunity for bold design statements. Whether it’s a small powder room or a shower-equipped bathroom, vibrant colors and striking patterns can elevate the space.

21. Small Space Shower

Gibson Cottage in South Carolina
Laurey W. Glenn

Simplify your bathroom design in compact spaces by maintaining a consistent color scheme. Coordinating shower tiles with wall, ceiling, and floor paint can create a seamless, elongated visual effect.

22. Mixed Materials

1950s Mid-Century House Modern Bathroom
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Page Mullins

Embrace asymmetry and visual interest by mixing materials. Incorporating elements like a half wall or varied metals can enhance the bathroom’s design without sacrificing cohesion.

23. Double Shower Heads

Master Bath Shower
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Similar to dual sinks in a vanity, double shower heads are becoming a sought-after feature for enhancing bathroom functionality. Ideal for accommodating different preferences and streamlining daily routines.


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