28 Fireplace Ideas That That Will Warm Your Hearth

Fireplaces not only add architectural charm to your home but also create a warm and inviting focal point. Whether you have a modern or antique fireplace, it’s an asset, but it can pose a decorating challenge. The fireplace naturally draws attention, so finding the right balance between a decorated look and avoiding overcrowding is key. Additionally, if your fireplace competes with the television for attention, we have a solution for that too. The best fireplace decor ideas go beyond just holiday garlands; they contribute to your overall room decor, bringing balance and sophistication.

For those with a functional fireplace, safety should not be compromised for style. Electric fireplaces should have a glass covering for decoration without concerns. Gas or wood-burning fireplaces require a proper screen and safety tools. If you use your fireplace frequently, ensure decorations are kept a safe distance to prevent damage from heat.

While hanging a mirror or art above the fireplace and displaying family photos and candles on the mantle are common practices, effective fireplace decor should extend to the surrounding walls and hearth. In the following, we present 20+ fireplace decor ideas from designers that seamlessly integrate into your home.

Symmetrical Fireplace Design

modern living room
Kim Cornelison

Herringbone Tile Fireplace

Living room with area rug and lounge chairs
Tria Giovan

Small Fireplace Ideas

white painted fireplace floating mantel shell decor blanket ladder chairs
John Bessler

Fireplace Tile Ideas

dark painted wall above fireplace with red and blue décor
David A. Land

Brick Fireplace Makeover

white sitting room with white brick fireplace
Annie Schlechter

Fireplace Mantel Decor

Fireplace with candles and plant
Stacy Goldberg

Traditional White Fireplace

living room with scandinavian-styled coffee table
David Tsay

Farmhouse-Style Fireplace

white living room with wood floors and fireplace
Brie Williams

Marble Fireplace

Living room with wooden coffee table and white furniture
David Land

Fireplace Log Storage

modern floating shelves by fireplace
Kritsada Panichgul

Painted Fireplace Mantel

family room blue mantel cow hide
Anthony Masterson

Colorful Fireplace Decor

white brick fireplace
Anthony Masterson 

Slate Fireplace Tiles

decorating gallery tv fireplace
Robert Brinson

Stone Fireplace Design

stone fireplace white mantel
Werner Straube

Black Faux Fireplace

glossy black fireplace
Edmund Barr

Fireplace Furniture Arrangements

fireplace with built ins
Tria Giovan

Glam Fireplace Design

fireplace living room
Anthony Masterson

Classic Fireplace Design

mint green living room
John Bessler

Modern Fireplace Design

fireplace room divider
Laura Hull

Wooden Fireplace Mantel

rich wood fireplace mantel white living room
Michael Garland

TV and Fireplace Ideas

wall mounted tv over fireplace
Beth Singer

Screen Porch Fireplace

natural stone fireplace with wooden mantel
Robert Brinson

Modern Stone Fireplace

black marble fireplace living room
Werner Straube

Cozy Cottage Fireplace

cozy pastel living room
Michael Partenio

DIY Fireplace Mantel

grey living room salvaged wood mantel
Michael Garland

Dining Room Fireplace

dining room with rich wood floors
Richard Leo Johnson

Brick Fireplace Idea

red brick cozy fireplace
Michael Partenio

Antique Fireplace Design

elegant carved limestone fireplace
Stacey Brandford

Modern Fireplace Mantel

sealed-combustion gas fireplace
Michael Partenio

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