29 Camping Hacks to Make Your Next Trip a Breeze

Get ready to upgrade your camping game with these smart tips and tricks from seasoned campers. These creative ideas will make your outdoor adventures even better. Also, find some great storage solutions for your camping gear that you’ll wish you knew about sooner.

1. Dry Your Shoes with Newspaper

If your shoes are wet from the day before, they can be uncomfortable to wear. Before going to bed, remove the insoles from your wet shoes and stuff them with newspaper. By morning, they should be dry and ready for your next adventure.

2. Keep Food Cool with Frozen Bottles

Instead of using ice in your cooler, freeze water bottles. They take a while to thaw and will keep your food cold. Once they melt, you’ll also have cold drinking water.

3. Use Foam Tiles for Comfort

Foam floor tiles, like the ones used in kids’ playrooms, can make your tent’s sleeping area more comfortable.

4. Save Space with Hanging Shoe Organizers

Hanging shoe organizers are great for keeping things organized while camping. Hang one in your tent or camper to store anything from clothes to kitchen utensils. Plus, they fold flat for easy storage and transport.

5. Stay Dry with Microfiber Towels

When it’s rainy or humid, microfiber towels are a lifesaver. They dry quickly and don’t take up much space, unlike regular towels.

6. Keep Toilet Paper Secure with Elastic Bands

To avoid a messy surprise with your toilet paper, wrap an elastic band around each roll and store them in a plastic bag. For even more space-saving, remove the cardboard tubes from the rolls and flatten them.

7. Warm Up Clothes in Your Sleeping Bag

On chilly mornings, it’s hard to get out of bed. Keep your next day’s clothes or a warm sweater inside your sleeping bag overnight. This way, you’ll have something cozy to wear when you wake up. Don’t forget to layer up for extra warmth!

8. Fix Sticky Zippers with a Candle

If your tent zipper is sticking, rub an unlit candle along it to lubricate the stiff parts. Also, zippers can be tricky to handle with gloves in winter. Attaching a large keyring can make them easier to grip.

9. DIY Washing Baskets

You can use small pop-up washing baskets as makeshift trash bins by lining them with a bag.

10. Make Soap Leaves for Shower

To avoid losing your soap in shared showers, cut a bar of soap into small pieces to create single-use soap leaves. Take a few with you instead of the whole bar when you go to the shower facilities.

11. Keep Kids Entertained Outdoors

If the kids are getting bored, create a scavenger hunt checklist for them. Include items they can find around the campsite, like different leaves, stones, or tents of various colors.

12. Use Pool Noodles for Visibility

Cut pool noodles into small sections and place them over tent ropes. This makes them more visible against the grass, reducing the risk of tripping.

13. Spice Up Your Cooking While Camping

If you love cooking with spices while camping, use a pill box to store your favorites. You can even mix them ahead of time to save space and prep time.

14. Enhance BBQ Flavors with Rosemary

Sprinkle some rosemary onto the coals of your BBQ to add extra flavor to your kebabs or other grilled dishes.

15. Store Eggs in a Water Bottle

A water bottle can safely hold about 8 cracked eggs, making it easy to transport them without worrying about spills.

16. Use Packing Cubes to Stay Organized

Keep your camping gear organized by using small bags or packing cubes. This way, you can easily find items like socks without rummaging through your entire backpack.

17. Save Space with Wrapped Tape

Instead of carrying a whole roll of tape, cut off what you need and wrap it around something you always have with you, like your water bottle, lighter, or pocketknife.

18. Keep Track of Your Keys

Attach a cork to your keyring. If you accidentally drop your keys in water, the cork will help you retrieve them more easily.

19. Secure Your Tarp with a Rock

Place a small rock in one corner of your tarp and secure it with a zip tie or string. This method helps to anchor your tarp and prolong its lifespan.

20. Reuse Tissue Box for Bag Storage

Instead of carrying extra plastic bags loose, store them in an empty tissue box. This way, you’ll have an organized and convenient dispenser for wet or dirty clothing.

21. Choose Synthetic Fabrics in Rainy Weather

Don’t wear cotton when it’s wet out; it takes forever to dry and won’t keep you warm.

22. Pre-treat BBQ Pans

Before using a pan on a barbecue, add a bit of dish soap to the bottom. It’ll help clean off ash and grease easier. Remember to clean the grill afterward!

23. Protect Electronics with Ziplock Bags

Use sealable sandwich bags to keep small electronics dry when it rains.

24. Prep and Freeze Meals Beforehand

If you like to plan ahead, cook and freeze meals before your camping trip. They can thaw during the day and be quickly reheated later.

25. DIY Lantern with a Headlamp and Water Jug

For a cozy campfire vibe, attach a headlamp to a semi-transparent water jug (like a milk jug) at night. The water will glow like a lantern. It’s pretty cool.

26. Stay Warm with a Hot Water Bottle

Bring a hot water bottle on your camping trip. Fill it with boiling water from a stove or jet boil and place it in your sleeping bag 30 minutes before bed. This will warm up your sleeping bag for a cozy night’s sleep.

27. Use Anti-Insect Clothing Near Water

If you’re camping near water, wear anti-insect clothing to keep bugs away.

28. Pack Sporks for Eating

Don’t forget to bring eating utensils! Sporks are great because they’re both a spoon and a fork in one, saving space in your bag.

29. Add Reflective Tape to Important Items

To easily find things in the dark, put reflective tape on items like toilet paper or your flashlight. This makes them stand out when you need them at night.


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