21 Blue Bathroom Ideas With Timeless Style

Discover a variety of blue bathroom ideas that cater to every style, designed to create a soothing and rejuvenating atmosphere. Whether you prefer a serene aquamarine or a bold navy, blue can transform your bathroom into a tranquil oasis. Explore how different shades of blue can be incorporated into tiles, paint, accessories, and decor to evoke feelings of calm or energize your space.

Discover the versatility of blue bathrooms with examples ranging from light and airy to deep and moody, showcasing how this universally loved color can enhance any bathroom, regardless of its size or style.

1. Eclectic Teal Powder Room

blue powder room with tile floor
Laura Moss

This blue powder room combines textured grasscloth wallpaper, patterned floor tile, and mixed metal accents for a layered and eclectic appearance. The wall-mounted sink with its elegant curve stands out against the teal walls, complemented by warm stained-wood baseboards and gold decorative touches. Blackened metal wall sconces echo the sink and mirror’s shapes, bringing cohesion to the room.

2. Playful Blue Bathroom

seafoam green bathroom cabinets and shower tile
Chad Mellon

Featuring scalloped blue tiles, this modern and whimsical bathroom pairs them with warm brass hardware and crisp white walls for a clean, striking look. Brass details, like unique drawer pulls and wall sconces with scalloped edges that mirror the tile’s shape, add character and elegance to the space.

3. Elegant Navy Blue Bathroom

blue master bathroom with bathtub and large vanity
Christina Schmidhofer

A classic combination of navy blue, white, and polished chrome defines this elegant bathroom, complete with a freestanding bathtub and ample storage. Built-in shelves and a large vanity break up the navy walls with contrasting white, while blue-and-white curtains frame the window, enhancing the color palette with a touch of pattern.

4. Rustic Blue Bathroom Ideas

blue and white checkered wallpaper bathroom
Laura Moss

In this farmhouse-style bathroom, a painted buffalo-check pattern and white board-and-batten wainscoting create a rustic backdrop. Blue accents, including a vintage-style sink and striped hand towels, tie the color scheme together. A wooden table and wire basket add warmth and functionality to the space.

5. Blue and Gold Bathroom

breezy blue bathroom tile sink mirror
Hector Sanchez

Shimmering wall tiles reminiscent of ocean water add a refreshing touch to this bathroom. Horizontal stacking of tiles in varying shades of blue contrasts with organic, stone-like floor tiles. A shallow ledge above the tiled area provides storage and display space for small bathroom accessories and decorative items, enhancing both style and practicality.

6. Modern Farmhouse Blue Bathroom

dark blue kids bathroom with double sinks
Tria Giovan

A deep blue wall color sets the stage for a stunning farmhouse-style double vanity in this modern bathroom design. The juxtaposition of dark blue walls against a wooden vanity, complemented by an elegant Roman shade and a vintage blue-and-red rug, blends modern and rustic elements seamlessly.

Mixing various styles, materials, and colors enhances the bathroom’s aesthetic, creating a collected and well-designed space.

7. Blue Bathroom Decor

wallpapered bathroom with black sconces and wooden vanity
Stacy Zarin Goldberg

This powder room effortlessly combines classic elegance with relaxed rustic charm. A clean-lined wood vanity and oval-shaped mirror provide modern touches against the backdrop of traditional shaded sconces, dark blue wainscoting, and subtle floral wallpaper.

Small accents like a striped hand towel, bright yellow flowers, and a fringed rug add layers of pattern, texture, and color contrast, enriching the overall appeal of this small bathroom.

8. Striking Blue Bathroom Vanity

bathroom with blue vanity and stone counter
Ray Kachatorian

A bold cerulean vanity with chunky turquoise hardware makes a striking focal point in this blue bathroom design. Ample natural light from a large window above the vanity accentuates the pure blue hue against white walls, tiles, and sink.

A rectangular mirror complements the window, adding natural texture that balances the vibrant intensity of the blue vanity.

9. Vibrant Turquoise Bathroom

teal patterned wallpaper with chandelier above bathtub
Angela Webb

This blue bathroom idea embraces vibrant color and patterns, embodying a maximalist approach to design. The wallpaper features a bold turquoise that repeats in the trim of a bamboo window shade, while a chocolate brown ceiling adds warmth and depth to the space.

A statement brass chandelier and floral oil paintings provide finishing touches, enhancing the room’s eclectic theme.

10. Blue Tiled Bathroom

blue geometric wallpaper in modern bathroom
Jay Wilde

Contrasting patterns and colors animate this small blue bathroom. Classic white subway tiles with a black border adorn the walls, while black and white hexagonal tiles create a dynamic pattern on the floor.

Geometric wallpaper, resembling tiled motifs, energizes the upper walls, while a white pedestal sink, brass-framed mirror, and modern globe light fixture maintain a clean, contemporary balance in the space.

11. Blue Bathroom Cabinets

dark blue cabinetry with his and hers vanities
Jeff Herr

Choosing a bold color like blue for your bathroom cabinets can be a striking decision, especially when working with extensive cabinetry. When executed thoughtfully, the results can be truly transformative, as demonstrated by this blue bathroom concept. The deep blue cabinets, finished with a high gloss, impart a contemporary ambiance complemented by oversized drawer pulls, stone countertops, and light gray floor tiles.

12. Serene Light Blue Bathroom

light blue bathroom with marble countertop and floors
Jeff Herr

Soft blue walls lend a serene, spa-like atmosphere to this bathroom with a traditional aesthetic. The design is elevated with panel detailing on built-in storage and vanities. An interplay of brass and chrome accents throughout fixtures and hardware adds depth and visual interest to the space.

13. Blue Bathroom Tile Ideas

blue patterned tile bathroom with open vanity
Cody Ulrich

Floor-to-ceiling patterned tiles create a captivating backdrop in this blue-themed bathroom. The repetitive design mimics wallpaper, setting a refined stage for understated furnishings and accessories.

A sleek vanity echoes the gray hues in the tiles, while touches of brass in fixtures and hardware provide subtle yet luminous contrasts.

14. Bold Blue Vanity

blue bathroom vanity with marble countertop and gold mirror
Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Integrating blue into your bathroom through a statement vanity can be a powerful design choice. This approach focuses on infusing color without altering walls or tiles.

The bold blue vanity serves as the centerpiece, complemented by a mix of textures and colors such as brass hardware, marble countertops, and a vibrant fuchsia cabinet door.

15. Light and Bright Coastal Bathroom

rustic blue bathroom vanity with matching mirrors
David Land

A sea-blue double vanity paired with pristine white walls evokes a fresh, coastal ambiance in this bathroom setting. Distressed vanity doors and matching mirrors with frames enhance the beach-inspired theme, while a marble tile backsplash introduces a touch of sophistication.

Polished chrome hardware adds a final touch of elegance to this bright and airy blue bathroom design.

16. Coastal-Inspired Blue Powder Room

modern coastal powder room

Transform your small blue bathroom with a coastal touch by using a deep color on the upper walls and incorporating a washed wood vanity. Neutral colors and natural materials blend into the background, allowing the jewel-tone blue walls to stand out.

Enhance the space with crisp white wainscoting, interrupted by a geometric mirror that reflects light and adds visual interest.

17. Traditional Royal Blue Bathroom

blue bathroom with gold mirror and victorian vanity
Brian McWeeney

Achieve a unique look by combining traditional elements with modern twists in a royal blue bathroom. An ornate wall mirror, luxurious sconces, and a furniture-inspired vanity create an elegant ambiance. Set against glossy blue walls and chevron-patterned floor tile, these antique-inspired elements feel fresh and contemporary.

18. Gray-Blue Bathroom Idea

blue bathroom with dark blue vanity
Brie Williams

For a more neutral look with a hint of color, use gray paint with blue undertones. Pair gray walls with a slate blue vanity and polished nickel hardware.

Brighten the space with a white quartz countertop, milk glass vanity lights, and white accessories, creating a crisp, clean appearance.

19. Pale Blue and White Bathroom

light blue bathroom with nautical themed mirror
Ed Gohlich

Create a soothing atmosphere with pale blue walls. A round, double-framed rattan mirror adds a beachy accent that complements the wall color and enhances the room’s sophistication. Keep the space light and bright with a white vanity, countertop, and tile.

20. Jewel-Tone Blue Bathroom

blue bathroom with cream colored vanity
Brie Williams

Transform your bathroom with a bold teal wall color, making bright white mirrors, sconces, and sinks stand out. Add a wicker tray on the vanity to introduce a cozy, textural element, giving the room a cottage feel.

21. Soothing Blue Bathroom Idea

freestanding tub sky blue glass subway tile bathroom painted turquoise rattan ottoman
Edmund Barr

Emulate the reflective qualities of water with sky-blue glass tiles in your bathroom. A freestanding white tub with a sleek gooseneck faucet provides a serene space for soaking. Complementing this, a contemporary pendant light introduces a stylish and unexpected accent to the room. Include a bright turquoise-painted rattan stool for a touch of whimsy and convenient storage near the tub.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

When planning a bathroom remodel, start by setting a budget. Consider cost-effective options for flooring, fixtures, tiles, and other fittings. Plan your design with the needs of all users in mind, including toddlers and family members with disabilities. Choose the right contractor and designer to ensure a smooth and successful project.

Blue Bathroom Ideas

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